A toothbrush intelligent that cleans teeth in just 3 seconds


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Are manual or electric, brushing teeth is a habit of hygiene journal that should last at least two minutes. There are, however, to whom it seems too long and has decided to reduce the duration to a matter of seconds. This is the brush smart called Textile, which promises to clean teeth in just three seconds, as collected from ComputerHoy.

The device is formed by a nozzle ergonomic —equipped with small brushes, an electric motor that is connected to the nozzle and allows you to automatically move the brushes, and a base for the load and disinfection of the mouthpiece.

The operation is very simple, as explained from One of the following video: just apply the toothpaste, to fit the nozzle on the inside of the mouth, actuate the device and wait three seconds. At the end of this time, the motor will stop, so just remove the device and rinse the mouth.

The creators of this brush, which is sold through the platform of crowdfunding KickStarter —which has raised more than 760,000 euros— have also created a free application to download on iOS devices, Android and Microsoft and be able to configure the time of brushing or the speed of rotation of the brushes.


A toothbrush intelligent that cleans teeth in just 3 seconds
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December 6, 2017

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