Ahead connects your current helmet with smartphone via Bluetooth

Ahead connects your current helmet with smartphone via Bluetooth

Ahead is a triangular device that acts as handsfree bluetooth for any helmet, and allows calls, receive calls and listen notifications without losing security.

as we talked ever, Samsung stimulates creativity of its employees with the C-Lab, making some of his ideas can be translated into marketable gadgets of all kinds. They hacido him have such interesting projects as IoFIT , a smart sneakers prepared not only to count steps, but to help to improve, for example, our scrimmage in golf. Entrim 4D, on the other hand, are promising muuy headphones with which you can feeling simulate body movement in virtual reality , thanks to electrical signals sent to the auditory nerve.

But it does not end there. Another born C-Lab teams have developed “ Ahead“, a triangular device that can liven up any motorcycle helmet. Any distraction that apart view of the drivers on the road can be fatal, but in the case of motorcycles, the risk is higher. In the absence of being able to motorcycle use smartphone , why not inform the user the basics?

Ahead Samsung

Thanks to some small magnets, Ahead, which has a triangular shape adheres to the hull, and allows the user make calls, listen to music and receive notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth . A variant includes “ Push to talk ” which to understand, means being able to run walkie-talkie motorists around us, a common circumstance when there are meetings and lead together in groups.

Besides configured with an application that lets you dial numbers for calls, Ahead uses a system of oscillators to create an experience surround sound whose distinctive part is that does not delete sounds that the driver can listen to the environment , as beeps horn or warnings of any kind, thus avoiding unnecessary risks


Ahead connects your current helmet with smartphone via Bluetooth
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April 26, 2016

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