Alex Vlachos, another of the veterans of the Valve, leaves the company

By now you have not transcended the reasons for this expert programmer in visual aspects has left Valve.

The developer Alex Vlachos, an expert in graphics systems, has left Valve, as it has unveiled another veteran of the company, Richard Geldreich, through the social network Twitter.

Alex Vlachos is a veteran of the industry. He was the programmer responsible chief of special effects at Naughty Dog and one of the co-founders of Revival Interactive. Not only that: before univese Valve also worked as head of programming on ATi, the company’s graphics cards that ended up buying AMD.

Their specialty is the programming of the effects dynamic graphics in video games and, according to his former team-mate Geldereich, his work has had a fundamental impact on Valve since the release of The Orange Box.

In recent years, through different talks at professional meetings, it has been known that Vlachos worked in the creation of visual systems for virtual reality, so that has been involved in the graphics systems for HTC Live and Steam VR.

“it will Not be easy to replace’
, has said Geldereich, who also indicates that you do not know the reasons why he left Valve. We will have to wait for the own Vlachos, or Valve, decide to issue an official statement, if they do at some point.

Vlachos has been updated since your public profile to reflect their departure from the company.

Alex Vlachos, another of the veterans of the Valve, leaves the company
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September 7, 2019

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