All you need to know about Xposed Framework, a revolutionary application


There are times that the versions of Android with their own customizations to the default Makers on phones are not entirely bad. Moreover, Samsung or HTC, with its Samsung Apps or provide a little extra Blinkfeed that make them indispensable. BUT and there is always a but, there is a little thing that annoys us. Something just does not add up. And we have two options: either keep quiet or change the ROM of the device. Until now.

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework comes on the heels of rovo89 XDA developer, and it is a framework that is going to make life much easier for all. Xposed Framework is like a “layer” we installed very easily on this phone we will make minor modifications allow the phone without changing ROMs or making backups. Imagine as I cover the phone with a plastic sheet and then I paint and I put the stickers you want. The best thing is that at no time have changed the phone, and as soon as I can want to take off that sheet and remove everything above it. Well, here is the same.

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metaphor aside the sheet and for the connoisseur, this is exactly what makes Xposed Framework

“I have spread the executable / system / bin / app_process to load a JAR to start. The classes in this file will be present in each process (including system services) and can act with his powers. And even more: I have implemented something that allows developers replace any method in any class (either in the framework, systemui or customapp). Xposed This makes a very powerful tool. You can change the parameters for the method call, modify the value that is returned or skip the method call completely, it just depends on you “

Xposed Once we have the Framework installed we can put modules. They come in all types and tomorrow I will show you a few, and are installed like any application. In fact, they are in apk format and just copy them to the SD and install them directly on the phone. The Framework will take care to modify what it takes. If I get tired and I do not want a module, uninstall it. If you no longer want to use the Xposed, I uninstall it and now I have the phone as usual. All hyper single.

And what are these modules? As we will see in more detail in the next installment , but to give you an idea may be modifications of all kinds. From the visual aspects (change colors, fonts, designs, sizes) to completely change how a program. You can change the key things that will make or modify programs to do different things. You can do real wonders. For example, as shown in the photo above, on my HTC One I changed what the Back button.

For which phones and how do I install

In principle Xposed Framework has been developed so that in theory work on any phone with a ROM based on Android 4.0 and has an ARM processor (most phones). But really there is no official response to what terminal works. Currently working (and confirmed) in

  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • HTC One – needs an additional adjustment
  • Google Nexus 7

also confirmed that NO work on MIUI ROMs. If you work or not work, you can comment and we’ll add it.

How to install?

As we have said, is very simple:

Downloads on the XDA post:

XposedInstaller_2.1.4.apk Xposed (to delete it)


You must be root. If you do not know how, drop by Ready2root.
Highly recommended to make a backup, but is optional.

Get out and install the application XposedInstaller

  • Launch the installer and choose “Install / Update”
  • Restart
  • End
  • To install a module:

    Download the . apk and install like you

  • Lanza XposedInstaller application and go to the Modules tab
  • Select the module you want to enable
  • Restart
  • End
  • here or here have several modules, but in the next installment will discuss this issue further.

    More info on XDA

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