Analysis of Mad Max: repetitive, but essential

Mad Max

As with the film, the title of Avalanche Studios comes with a groundbreaking proposal in terms of quality and staging. Mad Max is perhaps one of the most interesting games of the September roster that will delight lovers more extremos.Al sandbox type games like Batman with this adventure, which has come to an end a few months ago the release of Arkham Knight, this time Warner changes Avalanche Studio Rocksteady to bring us a new title, this time the film and not comics, proving that you can make big triple A straight from other cultural products. And make no mistake, Mad Max is one of the best games I’ve had the opportunity to play so far this year but perhaps something happened unnoticed by being overshadowed by another of the great titles of the year such as Metal Gear Solid V.

Leaving this behind, and entering the field, the first thing that strikes the Avalanche game -known other hand Cause- Just epic is that it is a game that, based on the film is not based on any of the events of the same creating a new separate story Max’s life , and makes its own role that, to me personally, reminds me more of the latest installment that the tape had to Gibson starring in the 80s.

Although, as I say, it is a sublime title as a staging and offer hours of play, the truth is that is not definitive Mad Max franchise experience to which we had made up my mind. Does many things well, but perhaps his best introduction is the most but, at least, is that I’ve noticed in this week of sporadic but long and inversivas games.

An open world offers both opportunities and disadvantages , and in this case, with all the great experience it offers, Mad Max is so big, so open and so long that in the end this experience shaped sandbox is so so, which will eventually deflate the interest of more than one. And it all Mad Max is great because there are big part of both that make it a must-buy game as little that tarnish the experience as we go hours on the clock Max .Mad despite moving away completely from the storyline of the movie of the same name, has a very similar to the latest installment boot. It is frantic, and soon put into context some of the storylines of the title. Here switched to Scabrous Inmortan Scortus by Joe, but Boys War still with us. After a very interesting sort of prologue, I’ll leave you to discover for yourself, the game leaves us quite clear that the Magnum Opus, our car, occupies a central axis in the game , in the first arrasándonos missions to improve our Magnum

Of course, this frantic start will gradually diluting as we advanced in the game, or at least that’s the feeling I have left after a few hours of play.: the narrative, which is not anything special is becoming tarnished by side missions, search for resources and conquests of territory. Many things to do, all the same.

MadMax_Vehicular Combat

 Mad Max 2



The system constantly reward the player progression, but is somewhat complex Therefore the system Progression is key to not make boring terminal messengers. Mad Max we can customize almost everything: arms, Magnum Opus, health, tools, combat systems and even the beard and the look of Max, but this level of progression and improvement also requires time, and above all, search for resources and elements in such a rough map that does not seem to end, a task in which the bases to conquer play a key role in making the task easier, a lthough the game will reward us with resources almost constant , even in storms.

Along with the visuals will try later, another of the benefits of Mad Max are the mechanical and animations. They are very good and are incredibly well polished. Although some elements like the combat system melee are very similar to games like Arkham series of Batman , in combat vehicles is where the game takes its best: fight a convoy of enemies with bigger and stronger car than yours is enjoyed by the simplicity and spectacular matches. Drivers jumping from the sale, exploding oil drums or storms waging a battle you are small details that make Mad Max one of the best experiences of the past lanzamientos.El visuals is another story. Few new generation of AAA games have seen this graphic section. It is good, very good, and would not surprise me that on more than one occasion put an the two consoles near some of its theoretical limits . Mad Max is a true visual stunner. The choice of colors, very similar but somewhat more muted than the last delivery, we provide a rewarding immersion, and more than one player will miss this desolate and dark moor and colorful equally taking advantage of situations that give Mad Max to take screen captures really gimmicky.

In line with the visuals, one of the most remarkable thing is the weather system that produces spectacular storms throughout the game. It is very difficult to describe the experience in words, but creating Avalanche is particularly gimmicky and is extremely similar to what I imagine how must be a sand storm, lightning and fire.


On the other hand, perhaps the most elaborate of the game are the animations and mechanical vehicles, real protagonists of the experience. Incredibly detailed models are well detailed and not missing any details to polish, and animations, especially on the car are good for effect and real, bearing in mind, though, that this is absolute fiction.

Dynamic events in the games are very gimmicky, and animations are outstanding Avalanche have cared If the visual aspect, the sound could not be different. Not a memorable BSO far, but the sounds within the game are very careful and help greatly to immersion in the title . Perhaps if I had to complain, I would say that the sound of weapons like the shotgun is not at all well represented, but hey, is far from being a leading element in the game.

As we see, Mad Max is a very balanced title in which the staging surpasses other elements of the game, but that, in any case, should devote a portion of your time.

7Mad Max is a game to enjoy admiring the scenery and recreation , an open world has tried to encompass more than what should be but in any case with a more surprising result. Mechanical, though inherited from other titles, and devoid lack of innovation in the hackneyed genre sandbox are two errors A set that works as a fun all . A highly recommended game in which your only concern is the passage of time and loss of interest of the player so repetitive of some of its mechanical (and missions).

Still, Mad Max is one of the most surprising titles campus September and may have a place in the list of best games of the year. It has flaws, significant other, but overall is a solid work that will delight lovers of the open games, action and post apocalyptic landscapes that smell of mud, dust, gas and burning tire.

A purchase more than recommended that will give all kinds of player more than one dose of fun and recreate memorable moments from the tapes of the same name. Commissioning in the graphics scene and well worth the price of the game. – The combat system is effective and is well worked. – Events such as explosions or storms are espectaculares.- Extremely repetitive , sin of all failures of a sandbox. – The system of progression through the Magnum has not finished convince me


Analysis of Mad Max: repetitive, but essential
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September 10, 2015

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