Android 4.2: Reinforcing its SE Linux security, VPN and Premium SMS

More and more news that we arrive on Android 4.2. And the thing is not to. If you recently and had some leaks , now AndroidPolice fellow who continue sacándole LG Nexus juice at hand, have found some valuable features that are committed to operating system security . These significantly improve safety on our devices and we would provide some new functions. Come and see:

SE Linux

Security Enhanced Linux is a set of plugins for the core and tools for user space to allow it access to only allow an administrator. It has the authority to enter into all processes and objects and there is no concept of root as we know it. This means that the possibility that malware can cause terminal damage is minimal. Basically, SELinux blocks access to applications, allowing us to have administrator privileges, but not condecerlo to applications. It’s a bit complicated to explain so we will in later articles desgranándolo if Google finally is implemented in the new version.

Anyway, in the “Settings – Phone Information” we will get a new option called “State of SE Linux” . Here we have three states: on, off and permissive. They will tell us what degree of permissiveness have applications to access superuser permissions. It is a record more to control what enters or not. But this time, integrated into the system.


always active

Now we have our VPN session always open, but off with you and we connect the data connection to the Internet. The concept itself, it’s that simple.

Premium SMS

normally malware using SMS to expand we did not even see the bill enterásemos. Now, thanks to this new system, we can know in detail if an application is going to send a short message to any recipient. This is because it will open a window that say: “Do you want to send the SMS to [number], which is a Premium SMS?. This service will cost a certain price on your wireless bill. ” Then we will see three options: yes, no and report malicious app, so we can stop malware on time and inform Google that the application in question is not good.

It seems that Google is putting the batteries with news on the new version of Android. And although they may not reach the final, which surely will come improved versions of these systems.

Source: AndroidPolice

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Android 4.2: Reinforcing its SE Linux security, VPN and Premium SMS
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October 17, 2012

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