Apple CEO Tim Cooke never wanted to sue Samsung

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung is well known to all who have already traveled to various courts of the world fighting for designs and patents. However, today it has been reported that Cooke never wanted to sue Samsung


In an interview with the Reuters site, Tim Cooke, CEO of Apple, said he never wanted to sue Samsung but rather was pushed by previous events and statements from Steve Jobs on “Thermonuclear War” against Android. Exactly the note read:

Tim Cook, Jobs’ successor as CEO of Apple, was opposed to suing Samsung in the first place, according to people with knowledge of the matter, largely because the critical role that the company had as a supplier of components for the iPhone and iPad

not news that Samsung is one of the largest suppliers of parts to Apple, which itself is interesting to note is how Steve Jobs such conditioned his successor in taking action against the patent dispute and designs. While Apple had warned that the Korean company on the designs of some of its models, without the determination of “thermonuclear war” of the late Jobs surely things would be different today.

It is difficult speculate about what might have happened or happen in the future, just as it is not known if the fight between Apple and Samsung ever stop. What is certain is that the signing of the block face Koreans prefer not to Google, as opening two fronts in this legal dispute could mean an endless headache.

It is very likely that intention of Cupertino is alienating Samsung Android and they tip over another OS like Windows Phone, but of course this could also mean the end for Koreans. For now, we know at least two new Android smartphones from Samsung are on the way, and these are nothing more and nothing less than the Samsung Galaxy S4 release in March and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, of which little is known.

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Apple CEO Tim Cooke never wanted to sue Samsung
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February 11, 2013

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