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In our device we can have much multimedia content from songs to hundreds of photos. But of course, it is not surprising that a friend take us mobile and go to the images cotillearnos it.

As there are some images we have in store for us but we do not want to teach anyone, for example a picture of you a bit embarrassing small. Today we bring you a collection of applications to hide images from your gallery on code. Now we show a while makes a of our Android, so now we show one focusing on images.

These applications are very similar to each other, what varies is the user interface and some peculiarities. So then the list will show you where you talk about the features and interface of each.


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With this application you can hide all the images you want low PIN . From your same gallery you can mark the images you want to hide and then clicking on share KeepSafe , these images will be hidden. On the other hand, if we show again any image in the gallery that we have hidden , we can do from KeepSafe easy with speed dial.

One of the interesting features KeepSafe offers is its Shipping Insurance . When you share an image from within the application, it is sent securely. This shipping method allows you to control the time receiver can see the image . Nothing that you stick with the image to the end of time, if five minutes is five minutes.

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Also, another function that incorporates this application is the ability to establish a second PIN false . If someone does not ask for the PIN to gossip these photos that do not want them to see, we can tell this PIN and see another series of images we have selected, for example, the rest of the reel.

is certainly an application with a simple interface and also incorporates two interesting features : Safe shipping false PIN .

Can you download KeepSafe free form from the Play Store .

Application in Google Play

locker Photos

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As you say the name of the application, it is a photo booth and like any box office, has a code. locker photos allows you to mark and hide pictures from the image gallery your default Android.

One of the functions of this remark application is how well it is hidden in our system, leaving no trace of her or recent applications or the application drawer . To access it if we have omitted the application, we must do it through a calculator widget marking our secret PIN


If you forget your code, the application is provided with a recovery mode password via e e. Very useful for forgetful minds.

As for the aspect of the application is very similar to what we are used in the default gallery. We can group the images into folders and have them well organized.

Can you download office photos free form from the Play Store .

Application in Google Play

Vault Gallery

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Another application that handle having your personal photos safe Vault Gallery . This application with a great design and ease of use makes it one of the most used applications by users.

It is so simple to use that from the same gallery default can hide and low encrypting PIN we mark code images.

centre;”>  gallery-from-vault-capture-1

One of the interesting features of this application is its stealth mode . With this active mode, there will be no trace of the application on your device or in the app drawer or recent applications. It will be as if the application had never been. To access the application, you must do it from the phone dialer , by typing “# # codigosecreto “, without the quotes, obviously.

Another interesting feature is that you can close the application just shake the device , if someone gets close, just simply shake.

Overall, it is an application with a good design and very interesting stealth mode. You can find Vault Gallery free form on Play Store .

Application Google Play

Hide pictures, videos ..

centre;”> hide-photo-video -logo

If something is this application in this collection is because besides hide and encrypt your personal photos, allows you to establish a pattern as access code .

hide pictures, only need to enter the default gallery of your device, like the photos you want to share the application. Thus, your photos will be stored and hidden. Now, you may want to see if the other pictures you have.

centre;”> hide-photos-videos-capture-1

But if anything is Hide Photos, Videos .. in this collection, is the way access to the hidden images. This application offers the possibility of set an unlock pattern to access the application and so we see the hidden images. Differently than we’ve seen in previous applications.

Can you find Hide pictures, videos .. so free on Play Store .

Application Google Play

I think these apps are necessary for most Android users. It is true that sometimes we have compromising photos or personal device for viewing our us at some point. But on the other hand, do not want anyone else besides us see those images. That is why the installation of these applications can come from pearls if we want anyone to have access to certain photos.

And you, you you use an application to hide photos that are not in this collection and believe be worthy?, comentad below.

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Applications to hide images from your photo gallery
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January 1, 2014

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