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This Christmas, buying the tablets, a sector already established. Parents doubt assails us eternal. Is it better to buy a tablet or generally for children? The differences between one type and another are quite clear, the first are meant to get off the classic applications and the second featuring a fully designed to rotate around the experience that children need experience.

infant tablets have a design focused on resistance many hits, so they are hardly breakable . Materials and shockproof rubber covers that prevent them from breaking the fall, something that happens often with general tablets, at the expense of this are thicker.

used Best Android tablets children

toys have evolved over time and today there are few children who do not want to play with touch screens. As before took into account the small parts and components, now oversees the parental control to work as we want. We leave a selection of the best tablets designed for children this Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

3 kids


The first tablet we see is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids , a change designed for kids in his Tab 3. Its specifications will have a seven-inch screen 1024 × 600 resolution and a dual-core 1.2 GHz It has two cameras, front 1.3MP and 3MP rear and 8GB of storage.

We have a 4000mAh battery which ensures that you can use throughout the day 6 to 8h. It comes with a digital pen so our kid can draw in paint applications. A S-pen kind of child that will be compatible with applications that we unload a Kid Store that Samsung provides well Google Play. In addition to software issues will feature animated characters guided by menus and apps to learn English and stimulate logic.

Also included is a case series to improve grip , used as support and add some protection. It is available at € 232.95 and is a good choice for those seeking a complete finishing and support a known brand.

Meep X2


The manufacturer presents the Diset Meep X2 , one rugorizada tablet with a very attractive and colorful design that focuses on children from 6 years of age. The tablet is splash proof and shock , has Android 4.2, HDMI outlet, 7-inch screen, 1GB and dual core processor.

tablet is available at € 119 and you can find many accessories. Parental control and navigation history can be viewed from the computer itself is included. The interface has been redesigned since the first edition to include the recommendations that the parents made an interesting sample feedback between users and the company in a tablet for children is very important.




The Tablet Fnac Junior contains more than 20 applications and interactive children’s books. A tablet designed to improve reading ability and to synchronize with Fnac Books. In terms of specifications have a resolution of 1024 × 600 seven-inch, dual core 1.6 GHz, 4000mAh battery and Android 4.1 pure. What makes the tablet of the list with a use broad, useful for both the kids and the parent who wants to read.

is built under the supervision of Bq and is available in Fnac by € 149.90 . Sold with two bumpers great touch to choose between orange or blue.

Violetta tablet


Disney Channel joins our list of tablets with a specially designed to sing and act as Karaoke. Applications to sing with several built-in songs are included. The interface is a bit messy and hard to expand its initial potential, but for those young music fans is an interesting idea.

The tablet is made by Ingo and can be obtained by 149 € 9 in Toy’r’us , the English Court or other large surfaces and 180 € on Amazon which also incorporates a microphone specially dedicated . A tablet with a very specific use but which differs from the more traditional tablets.

RTVE tablet


Clan tablet TV is a hand device manufactured by Kurio Spanish television and has his famous dedicated application and available at € 149.90 . It has a 7 inch screen, also with HDMI output, 4000mAh battery, 4GB of internal memory expandable by microSD card, Android 4.0 and shockproof protective case included, but an almost excessive size.

can be achieved in most shopping centers and on the software will have to eight different user profiles depends on the tastes of our kid . We also have a controlling parental care with unique content filtering system. We like most of these applications tablets for children to color, play with the camera to take pictures with animated characters and special access to the episodes they do in Clan TV.

ClemPad Plus


Clementoni has several tablets in function of age, and not themed around any series which makes them particularly interesting for children of all tastes. My first Clempad is available for children 6 years at a price of € 119.99 , but we will focus on the ClempadPlus, for over ten years. An age at which children are handled as any normal tablet but Clementoni with tablet may toquetarla without fear of further damage thanks to its silicone.

The tablet features Android 4.1.1, a screen seven inch driven by a 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB RAM. It has 3200mAh battery and sells for € 139.99 . The Clempad Plus comes with a very attractive interface that may offset the low screen resolution (800 × 400).

SuperPaquito tablet


Imaginarium, the famous toy store, was one of the first brands to build a tablet designed for children. There are several models, but all have Magic OS, an interface with large icons, specific applications and even drawing and retouching mail for small. They have also accompanied this experience own app store, PaquitoLand , where we can further increase the Gale options available, including many special games.

The tablet SuperPaquito has an aluminum body, screen 9.7 “IPS 1024 × 768 pixels, 1GB of RAM, HDMI and 16GB of internal memory , a capability that we have not seen in any of the above. They of course with full parental control, are multiuser tablets if they have several small and is available for 299 € in the store of Imaginarium.

For those who do not want to invest much money have also removed the SuperPaquito Mini, eight-inch version , updated to magical 2.0 and the same aluminum body. Sold by 179 € and can be added as accessories several cases to protect your tablet.

Giving a tablet to smaller

We also

tablets centered around the Most popular topics as Hello Kitty which is by 93 € and manufactured by Ingo. Also See Tadeo Jones, Mediaset Group and that is about € 94.99 .

Toy’r’us has available several tablets , including its own call Tabeo e2 and another dedicated to Boing. Even Archos , the well known manufacturer of low cost tablets offers Child Pad tablet. And to complement also recommend this tablets support up to 8 inches . The possibilities are quite extensive as we see.

These tablets represent an attempt to bring Android children very funny children’s applications and parental control custom for parents to remain calm. The prices of these tablets are a little cheaper than conventional tablets , have lower specifications, yes, but usually all include some protective cases and robust design not found in the more traditional.

Among the list of Fnac recommend for being dedicated to something as important as the books or the SuperPaquito to have a company that dedicates resources behind forward and keeps updated. Those who want to be Christmas gift your child a tablet, explore the possibilities it gives them a tablet dedicated to them.

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Best Android tablets for children
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December 17, 2013

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