Collection Jason Bourne in steelbook, complete series of ‘Scrubs’ and figures of ‘The Walking Dead’: Hunting for Bargains


the time Has come for our traditional roundup of the best deals in the world of film and television this week. The menu for this week includes, among others, the collection of Jason Bourne in steelbook, the mini-series documentary ‘blue Planet’ full, ‘Rio Bravo’ in metal case, the whole series of ‘Scrubs’ and figures ‘The Walking Dead’. Let’s go there!


  • Pack complete series of ‘Scrubs’ on dvd: unfortunately, only got to edit the first season in Spain and it is literally impossible to get it full both with audio and with subtitles in Spanish. The best choice is this pack German that includes subtitles in Spanish in all of the seasons and the dubbing in the most: 48,70 euros

  • Pack seasons 1 to 4 of ‘Arrow’ on blu-ray: the first four seasons of the series starring Stephen Amell in high definition. A good opportunity to start the series or go thee to day: 46,35 eur

  • ‘blue Planet’ on blu-ray: the acclaimed documentary series of bbc gathered when full in high definition by a prebio quite affordable: 12 eur

  • ‘The cabin in the woods’ on blu-ray: the amazing movie from Drew Goddard in high definition at a price almost balance: 7,12 euros (and if you want to dvd, the price goes up to 7,29 eur)

  • ‘Abducted’ on blu-ray and dvd: the magnificent horror movie from Miguel Ángel Vivas with the advantage that this edition includes a copy of the film on both blu-ray and on dvd: 7,49 euros


  • Collection Jason Bourne on blu-ray: the four installments of the saga led by Jason Bourne in high definition and in a metal case, a great opportunity for collectors. And do not be afraid because it is an Italian edition, since it includes audio and subtitles in Spanish in all of them: 31,96 eur

  • Pack ‘Record Warren’ + ‘Annabelle’ on blu-ray: personally I think that the only worth is that of James Wan, but this pack in high-definition makes all the sense in the world if both of you like: 8,62 €

  • Steelbook of ‘Rio Bravo’ on blu-ray: a lovely cutie sweetheart of edition for the lovers of this great western from Howard Hawks starring John Wayne. In Spain has not left in a metallic box, so that plays a hand from the French edition, but rest assured, the disc is identical to that sold in our country: 14,87 euros

  • Pack ‘Sinister 1 and 2’ on blu-ray: tap start thinking about what movies we’re going to see in the night of halloween and this pack will solve quite well the ballot. For my part, reivindicable the first and the second-best forget about it: 7,03 eur

  • Steelbook of ‘Revenge 2’ on blu-ray: the second adventure of Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, the hero of action that has to return to rescue his family: 9,19 euros


  • Figures of ‘The Walking Dead’: up to seven different models, including Rick, Michonne, Carol, or one of the walkers, and at a price quite content: 11,41 € each

  • Funko Pop Valentine: Funko has released recently a range of figures of ‘Kingsman: the secret Service’. They arrive with years of delay, but we forgive to coincide with the premiere of the second installment, and today we highlight the one dedicated to the character played pro Samuel L. Jackson: 12,45 eur

  • Statue of the Hulk: a wonderful figure centered in one of the occurrences of the character in ‘Avengers: The age of Ultrón’ carried out at a scale of 1:10: 101,69 eur

  • carry Case metal Harry Potter: a carrying case with a motif of the saga created by J. K. Rowling which you can use to carry your lunch to school or, if you dare, to work. Another good option is to have it as decoration in your home: 10,09 eur

  • Plush Waddles: now you too can have the pig Mabel in ‘Gravity Falls’, and above all in the form of a soft teddy: 3,11 eur

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Collection Jason Bourne in steelbook, complete series of ‘Scrubs’ and figures of ‘The Walking Dead’: Hunting for Bargains
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September 24, 2017

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