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Benito Juarez is a famous representative of Mexican politics, and defense of national sovereignty. The period of his leadership is known in the history of Mexico as La Reforma, and was a liberal revolution in political and social with major institutional consequences: the expropriation of church lands, placement of the army under civilian control, separation of church and state in public affairs.

La Reforma represented the triumph of Mexico’s liberal, federalist, anti-clerical, in contradistinction to the pro – capitalist conservative, centralist, corporatist, theocratic trying to reconstruct a local version of the colonial system management.

Benito Juarez replaced the semi-feudal social system with a more market-oriented, but after the death of Juarez, the lack of adequate democratic and institutional stability soon resulted in a return to centralized autocracy and economic exploitation under the regime of Porfirio Diaz. The Porfiriato (Porfirio time), which in turn, would start the Mexican Revolution.

March 21 is a day set to commemorate Benito Juárez. This date has become a national holiday in Mexico, which has continued to grow in acceptance within Mexican culture.

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Contributions of Benito Juarez
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June 25, 2013

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