Cross DJ turns your Android into a mixer

DJs The boom in the last decade has been important, if you and the time was something special to be and there were not many now appear everywhere and perhaps due to the easy availability of much music on the network and as a digital mixer that you quickly check the RPM (revolutions per minute) and , one can now launch the adventure of being a DJ.

The application that we bring you today, Cross DJ, turns your Android device into a mixer digital that will make you never need anything more than your smartphone or tablet to “click” chula music at parties that this Christmas will have.

The world has changed quite Djs, before the digital age of MP3s and FLACs only existed Technics dishes and the urgent need for a specialized shop where you can buy hundreds of disks to form wisely your musical style and try to venture into DJing in a nightclub, pub or bar in order to make people dance to your audience or had a good time with good music.

Times have changed, and today, with the application as we bring DJ Cross can convert your terminal Dj at a table, and if you have your SD card in thousands of songs, terminal plugging your speakers <. / strong> powerful or through WiFi route, and you can be making good musical choices to your friends and family

The application itself has everything essential to mix thoroughly an issue after another, with equalizer, and synchronization tools tempo, musical filters and a visual interface that perfectly fulfills its purpose.

For those that you have handled a real mixing desk, you will become quickly control of controls, but for others, than ever you had the chance, perhaps necesitéis a little more time to present you with the different controls having Cross DJ.

While Cross DJ does not replace a real mixing desk , is a great option in case you want to use your smartphone or tablet to make good music. Cross DJ you can purchase for a price of 3.99 €

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Cross DJ turns your Android into a mixer
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December 17, 2013

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