Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning


Named Ace of Pentacles, this card occupies the first place in the suit of Pentacles of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. On this occasion we offer a synthesis of its symbolic features, as well as the general interpretations made of it by scholars of this divinatory method, emerged in the Italy of the Middle Ages.

Based on Rider’s Tarot, in this card we can see in the center a great hand, born from a cloud, to cross the illustration from left to right – that is from the mental plane to the action – and that holds an immense golden coin, in which one can appreciate a pentacle, that is, a five-pointed star, considered by some as the symbol of the element Earth, which is also represented within the Tarot by the suit of Pentacles.

Likewise the hand seems to shine and illuminate with its light the landscape that lies beneath it, where you can see the entrance to a lush garden, where you can also see a door made of branches and vegetation. In the background you can see a mountain.

On this landscape and the great hand that crowns the card – which is present in the other four aces, and which for some is identified with the hand of God – you can see a clear sky, where you can see no sign of an upcoming storm, so the Tarot experts give this card one of the largest carriers of good omens within this divinatory method.


Generally speaking – according to most Tarot interpreters – the Ace of Oros can be taken, within a reading, as a sign of great beginnings. Likewise the florid nature that rests under the hand is a sign of prosperity and a fortunate harvest, so the appearance of this card within a reading is almost always synonymous with good omen, which announces weddings, births, beginnings, associations fortunates, unexpected gains, and everything related to good news.

As for the concrete planes of existence, the presence of the Ace of Pentacles also takes on specific meanings. For example, as part of a consultation on the field of work, the presence of the Ace of Pentacles speaks of new very positive beginnings in the field of work. If the consultant is unemployed, the appearance of this card announces that he will find a very good job, that he will improve his economic situation.

If, on the contrary, the questioner is employed in a company, the presence of this card may indicate a possible promotion, as well as the recognition of everything he has dedicated to his work. It’s time to pick up what’s been sown.

Likewise, if the consultant is the owner of a company – small or large – the presence of the Ace of Oros indicates that the time has come to grow, so if he is thinking of partnering, making some investment, remodeling a premises or changing bouquets, this card tells you that the conditions are given to proceed to materialize those ideas, focused on growth.

However, as in all Tarot readings, it is necessary to analyze the card in context, since it is the other cards that will finish sealing the positive or negative trait of the card in question.

On the other hand, if the consultation is about the love plane, the appearance of the Ace of Pentacles marks the end of every storm.

If the person who asks is single, the presence of this card announces that the time has come to put an end to the feeling of loneliness, either because she will start to live a stage of great brightness and movement, which will lead her to travel and have several friends you will forget the fact that you have no partner, or because the ideal person you are waiting for arrives.

However, the appearance of this Ace must be analysed in the context in order to establish the meaning of its presence.

If instead the consultant has a partner, the appearance of this card almost always refers to a stage of infatuation, to a rebirth. In this way, the presence of the Ace of Pentacles in a consultation related to the sentimental plane can refer to growths, moves, start a new life together, weddings, and even pregnancy announcements.

Economically, this card also has important meanings, as its appearance marks the end of an era of trouble, to begin a full of prosperity and growth.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Ace of Pentacles also has an interpretation if it appears inverted, that is, headlong, in which case it loses all the positive attributes that have been mentioned so far, to gather the sense of deception.

That is, the presence of a Ace of Pentacles invested within a reading tells us of a false beginning, of a lie or fraud, so if you are thinking of changing jobs, partnering, setting up a business, borrowing, don´t do it because it isn´t the time.

Likewise, this card may refer to false illusions in love, or not entirely true health improvements. However, the context in which this card appears must, however, be analysed, in order to be able to really appreciate the negative nature or not that its presence has a presence.

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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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