Eight of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Named Eight of Pentacles, this card ranks eighth after the Tarot’s lesser arcane. This time we present a synthesis of some of its symbolic features, as well as the interpretations attributed to this deck by the majority of cartomantics specialized in this divinatory method, emerged in the Italy of the Middle Ages.

Based on the Tarot Rider deck, in this deck we can see in front of a mature man focused on his work. For some scholars of symbols, this man represents a master craftsman or an artist, who sizes with great dedication each of the eight gold coins, which he then hangs as trophies, to the admiration of all. 

Likewise, the tarotists repair in the landscape behind this craftsman, where you can see a yellow path, which for most is a sign of mental ability. Likewise, some see in the city where this path leads, as the constant need that the human has to give meaning to his work, that is to say to be able to find a reason for his work.


As for the concrete planes of existence, the Eight of Pentacles has specific meanings. For example, in the field of work, the appearance of this card may refer to a stage of learning, as well as the presence of this card speaks of the experiential need that the consultant has to live a stage of hard work, because life is placing it in front of p prepare him for the advent of wealth and prosperity.

Despite the difficulties that occurred during these days, they can weaken the confidence and confidence of the consultant. However, he should know that the appearance of this card within a reading indicates that the person is where he or she belongs, that is, that he has chosen the right path and lives the right learning.

Likewise, this card talks about the student or studies, as well as the need to prepare, so if the consultant experiences a moment of academic discouragement that has led him to think about abandoning his studies, the appearance of the Eight of Pentacles reminds him of the need to continue their careers, as an indispensable requirement to grow, get a job, and start working to become and build a better future.

Similarly, the presence of this card in a reading where the consultant or the person for which he is wondering indicates that the individual in question is about or has just found a true passion for an activity.

Likewise with more mature professionals, the presence of this card in the workplace is a sign that the person – beyond discouragement or inconvenience – truly loves what he does, only that sometimes the routine fills him, not However, there is very little of the effort used to start collecting the achievements.

As for the sentimental area, the appearance of this card must be analyzed in context, that is, taking into account the other cards of which it is accompanied, in order to establish the true meaning of this deck. For example, on some occasions, the presence of Eight of Wands refers to learning that must be lived as a couple, in order to evolve together.

However, he may also be talking about the fact that one of the two is absorbed by labor obligations, to the point that the other feels abandoned. In both cases, the couple must learn to get out of the difficulties, so that they can collect the flowers of happiness together.

If, on the contrary, this card appears in the middle of a sentimental consultation for a single person, its presence means that he will soon meet someone, or that he has a secret admirer who is very aware of him or her, in order to know him better, something like being under study.

In this sense, you can also refer that the consultant goes through a stage of strong appeal in which he manages to uncover the passion and taste of more than one suitor.

As for the economic, the appearance of this card announces the early arrival of profits, product of our effort. However, it warns the consultant about the need to resist a little more, to put a little more effort, because it is about the moment just before reaching the summit, so the person needs a little more push, patience and constancy, before you can enjoy your achievements.

If it appears inverted

Likewise, like all Tarot cards, the Eight of Pentacles also has a specific meaning if it appears to be inverted, that is, head. In this case, it loses enough of the positive traits it had when it was standing, symbolizing effort that is meaningless or that is misguided.

In terms of work, it can indicate that it is the time when the consultant changes jobs, and look for one that is better oriented to what he really loves, because he may be spending his energy on something he really doesn´t like.

This also applies to love and academics, because although we must learn a specific lesson in life, the appearance of this card warns us that we aren´t with the right teacher, so perhaps the time has come to release the moor and surrender to new paths, that bring us closer to what we really must live, to win what we deserve.

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Eight of Pentacles Tarot card meaning
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September 11, 2019

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