Example of how to prepare a rich quesillo

Quesillo is a typical Venezuelan sweet, similar to custard, which in addition to rich is highly nutritious, since its main base is egg, providing a dessert of high protein value.

A delight you can enjoy at any time

However, not everyone knows how to prepare a good quesillo. However, there is no reason to worry because here we will tell you the simplest and most practical way to make this sweet dish.

For the making of the quesillo you will need the following ingredients: 4 eggs / 1 can of condensed milk / 1 cup of water and 5 tablespoons of sugar. You will also require the following items: 1 blender / 1 grill or small pot / 1 pot or larger grill / 1 oven.

Once you have all your ingredients and elements available we will proceed to the preparation of our dessert. To do this we will add to the blender the four eggs (clear and yolks together) together with the condensed milk. Once you have emptied the contents of the can of the condensed milk, take with it the measure of the water you will use.

When you have all the ingredients in the blender, action until a mixture is created as evenly as possible. Set it aside and turn your oven on at 250 degrees Celsius.

When you have your base ready, proceed to create the candy that will bathe your quesillo. To do this take the small grill, where it will cook your mixture, and incorporate the 5 tablespoons of sugar and put the pot straight to the fire, also add two or three tablespoons of water.

With slow, semicircular movements, make sure the water wets all the sugar, while the preparation of your caramel is on fire. It will start to boil, let it burn, throughout the process don´t stop moving the pot, making sure that your caramel impregnates every place of the container.

Once your pot is completely dipped in caramel, pour in it the mixture of eggs and condensed milk that you prepared. Then place your larger pot in the oven with a little water, place in the middle your small pot with the mixture of your quesillo, and cover it. Leave in the oven to bathe water for about fifteen or twenty minutes. The quesillo will be ready when he has taken firmness. Remove from the oven and let stand.

When you have lost your heat, bring to the oven until cool. Once refrigerated, flip your preparation over a plate, and you’ll see a rich caramel-sapped custard you prepared. And already, you have a rich, inexpensive, fun and nutritious dessert to pamper your loved ones.

Image source: tuspequenasrectas.com

Example of how to prepare a rich quesillo
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August 22, 2019

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