Genechip to detect cancer before it appears

The advance of science and technology is unstoppable, and this time it is the news of a breakthrough that will improve our health.

Scientists already have a large number of biochips that will make it possible to detect the genes that cause cancer and malignant melanomas. They will consist of small plates of silicon or glass containing thousands of DNA sequences, which will make it possible to investigate how thousands of genes work and relate to each other at the same time.

Genechips are the size of a fingernail and are currently being studied in genomic laboratories in North America; it is said that they could almost certainly predict the appearance of some future diseases in humans.

The information of this chip is read in a scanner that is unique in the world and that is going to be an ultramodern tool, in the current medicine. It is not yet known with certainty when this curious invention will come to light, but what is certain is that it will be a success for those who can acquire it. This chip isn´t placed in the patient’s body, but is in a database that stores their DNA taken from blood, tissue, or hair.

The genetic variants of the diseases that cause most deaths worldwide are still being studied; we would be talking about obesity, asthma and diabetes.

Biochips are already being used to study the structure of the AIDS virus genome, the BCRA1 and BCRCA2 genes that are related to hereditary breast cancer and the p53 gene that is the precursor of tumors. They are being studied to find new cures for these modern ills and, in addition, scientists claim that this is only the beginning of the worldwide medical revolution.


Genechip to detect cancer before it appears
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