Natural remedies for heartburn

Perhaps most pertinently, before explaining some of the natural remedies against heartburn, most recommended by the different naturist sources, is to briefly review what this gastric malaise consists of, as well as its possible causes, with the purpose of understanding each of these home and natural treatments in their precise context.

Natural remedies for heartburn

Stomach acidity: definition and causes

In this sense, one can begin by saying that Medicine defines heartburn basically as a transient condition, usually characterized by a burning sensation, which can spread between the mouth of the stomach and esophagus, as well as the sensation of reflux or regurgitation, usually caused by a situation of indigestion or excess production of stomach acids.

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In this way, the medical sciences also explain that almost all individuals, at some point in their ban, have experienced a situation of heartburn, which is usually caused by the inadequate consumption or mixing of food, e which are suspected when heartburn becomes a frequent or permanent condition.

This situation should always be consulted with the trusted doctor, as this could indicate that the individual is being affected by other conditions such as a hiatal hernia, stomach ulcers, chronic gastritis, or in extreme cases: cancer of Stomach.

However, it should be remembered that these types of diseases have other types of symptoms, beyond acidity. However, it is the doctor who should achieve the correct diagnosis. There is also another type of acidity, which is not related to some serious condition, but on the contrary to a positive process:

the heartburn resulting from pregnancy, which has its origin in the displacement that the organs suffer, to give way to the new being that is forming, and that in this process can press the stomach, producing among other symptoms the heartburn, the which, even though it’s annoying, in most cases it doesn’t become threatening to either the mom or the future baby.

Natural remedies for stomach acidity

However, even if this discomfort is usually a harmless gastric situation, it doesn´t mean that it doesn´t become really uncomfortable, so almost always the sufferer will look for a way to overcome it.

In this order of ideas, usually the fastest way to approach a picture of heartburn will be to take a commercially selling antacid, which comes to calm the activity of stomach acids, contribute good digestion, and ultimately end with the acidity box.

Although this is the most viable and common solution, it may happen that in the face of a picture of heartburn does not have the possibility of accessing an antacid, or has a situation that prevents its intake. It is in these cases when alternative measures are required, then natural remedies are the best options. Here are some of them:

Bicarbonate + lemon

While there are sources that do not lean much towards this method, most specialistsin Naturist Medicine insist that the combination of Bicarbonate, lemon and water may constitute one of the most effective substances to soothe the feeling of acidity, especially when it is characterized by the burning sensation that flows from the stomach into the esophagus.

For this it will be necessary to mix them in amounts of a glass of water,a lemon and a tablespoon of baking soda. The only prevention is not to abuse this remedy, which cannot be consumed more than twice a day.

Lettuce: soothing and antacid

Another of the most powerful ingredients of nature in case of heartburn will be Lettuce, which in the form of infusion creates a super effective element to control the different digestive conditions that may be developing.

Likewise, in case the acidity is being produced by a picture of nervous stress, lettuce becomes an ideal element because it has the ability to act as a soothing. For use in both directions, different sources recommend taking this leaf in the form of an infusion, especially at breakfast.

Natural yogurt

Popular knowledge generally recommends intake of a glass of milk in case of acidity. However,there are a lot of people who are precisely this ingredient that causes them to feel reflux, indigestion and burning stomach, so taking a glass of milk would increase the problem.

However, in case of acidity and not being lactose intolerant, or having other allergies, some specialists recommend another option: a glass of yogurt, since this ingredient will not only have the ability to improve digestion or protect the walls will, but will renew the intestinal flora preventing a new picture of acidity.

Chicle: ace up the sleeve

Last but not very natural, but equally effective, alternative medicine has highlighted the surprising ability of gum to fight a picture of acidity. However, the reason why this ingredient can be so effective in such cases lies not in the gum itself, but in the action of chewing it, which increases the emission and flow of saliva, a natural ingredient that has the property of protecting the gastric mucosa,  as well as combating acidity.

In this way, in the face of a picture of heartburn a practical, economical and safe way to combat acidity will be to chew gum for some reasons.


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