Phrases and messages to dedicate to mom

I dedicate this to my mother, who has been the person who has taken care of me when I could not do it.

A mother is like an angel, only without wings.

Because God could not be everywhere at once, He created mothers.

For men who had a good mother, all women are sacred.

Mother: thanks for motherhood, the gift of any woman and the salvation of any child.

A man divorces and who was his wife, is no longer his wife; But a mother never stops being a mother, because she is linked to an indestructible bond.

Of all the rights that women have, the best is to be a mother.

Mother is someone who loves us and takes care of us every day of our life. And she cries with emotion because we remember her once a year.

Mother is the most sublime expression of creation. He does not stop caring for him, even in death.

To your beloved mother, that you gave it to me, without asking anything in return.

Your beloved mother, who left everything to take care of me.

To you noble woman, who gave everything for your son …

Thank you mother.

There is no such great love as a mother feels for her children and that is how big it is for me, Mama, even though I often do not show it with words. You are always in my heart and I love you so much that neither the infinite reaches.

Eternal thanks and all the blessings full of health, love, joy and happiness, to the person who will always have me in her mind and heart, whatever happens. She is my mom, who always looks at me with those eyes that I will have marked on my soul.

For a mother, her children are always beautiful and talented. Although we make mistakes, she always prides herself on our achievements.

For all this and much more, dear mother, I ask the universe that I hope you will live forever. Thank you for so much and I wish you many congratulations on this special day. Thanks for being my mom.


Phrases and messages to dedicate to mom
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