Surprising uses of mayonnaise

Within the world of culinary, it is known by the name of Mayonnaise – even though some cultures also recognize it as mahonesa – a cold sauce, of Spanish origin, but popularized by France- made based on the emulsion of egg, vinegar and oil , and with which sauces, meats or dishes are suitable a little more informal as sandwiches or burgers.

Precautions about mayonnaise

Although there are numerous brands of mayonnaise on the market, palates tastefully for cooking prefer the consumption of homemade mayonnaise, as it is in these preparations that you can best appreciate the flavor of the ingredients, as well as the texture of the sauce.

However, it should always be borne in mind that the preparation of homemade mayonnaise involves the use and consumption of raw eggs, which can increase a risk of salmonella, which can be fought by adding to the vinegar or lemon sauce, elements that add to it acidity to the sauce, decreasing the spread of this bacterium, which finds it difficult to thrive in an acidic environment. Also, making this homemade sauce with olive oil will give salmonella far fewer opportunities.

Surprising uses of mayonnaise

However, it is not all recipes when talking about mayonnaise, since its ingredients, in addition to nutritional properties and flavor have physical and chemical properties, which can be widely used in the domestic or work environment, and among which you will find the following:

Remove gum from clothing or shoes

It’s likely that one of every person’s worst nightmares in charge of washing clothes is the terrible surprise of gum stuck to the trousers, or even to the sole of a shoe. However, as disappointing as the image is, hope should not be lost, as an ally is at hand: mayonnaise.

In this sense, the different sources claim that this is due to the reason that this sauce is an emulsion, substances that due to its oillevel level is extremely useful when it comes to softening sticky surfaces. Therefore, according to those who advise it it will be necessary to place the sauce on the surface to soften for five minutes, and never forgetting that it should only be on it and not on the fabric, because then the fat will be transferred equally to this matter.

Against the tight labels

Another complicated situation that can occur in the domestic environment is that caused with the labels of products or packaging that you want to give another use, but that after being stripped of your labels are left with a layer of glue impossible to remove with water and jab n, and even sometimes they also sometimes have pieces of the label that do not give in to the tear. For such cases, some sources of domestic economy point out that mayonnaise can be of great help, also requiring a fairly simple method, exposing the label to withdraw at least five minutes to the mayonnaise action.

Goodbye wood marks

Also, due to its oily consistency, mayonnaise can become a great ally when it comes to repairing or keeping wooden furniture bright and scratched. In this order of ideas, the different sources ensure that cleaning this furniture with a cotton cloth and mayonnaise will restore the shine, while also removing water or moisture marks left on the surface of these objects, provided it is very Superficial and very slight.

Kind rings

In another order of ideas, one of the most uncomfortable situations there may be is not being able to remove a ring. In this type of cases, popular wisdom advises placing on the finger where the stubborn ring is some oily substance that serves as a lubricant, then allowing the ring to slide through the finger: one of those elements may be mayonnaise, the which simply must be placed on the site so that it fulfills its function and the finger manages to free itself from the ring.

Bright plants, fruits and vegetables

In the same way, the different sources of domestic economy indicate that Mayonnaise can be used successfully when it comes back to shine both plants and other natural products, an action that is perfect if for example there is an exhibition of these foods, or simply want to add life to the plants of the house or the fruits of the centerpiece. To do so, it will be necessary to simply smear the product you want bright with a little mayonnaise, to see how it immediately shines.

For renewed nails

Finally, mayonnaise – in addition to its domestic alternative uses – can also be a great ally in the area of ​​cosmetics, since in addition to helping hair regain its shine and silkiness, this sauce can do something similar with nails. In this regard some experts have indicated that this sauce has the property of restoring the life, shine and strength of the nails, for which it will simply take five minutes of application, to hydrate, rejuvenate and beautify the nails.


Surprising uses of mayonnaise
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September 21, 2019

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