Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Known as Ten of Wands, this card ranks tenth in the Suit of Wands of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. In this article we want to provide a synthesis on the meanings and possible interpretations that are conferred on this card by the specialists in this divinatory method, emerged during the Italian Middle Ages.

Based on the Tarot Rider, in this deck we can see on our backs the figure of a man, who with all his might pushes a bunch of ten suits, which seem to overflow his forces. In this sense, the specialists in symbology have pointed out that the Ten of Wands points out to the people who go through life carrying a great weight, almost always constituted by guilt.

It also represents the one who has decided to bear only the obligations of life or a specific project because he is not able to trust anyone but himself, so he does not want or have forgotten to ask for help , even though the load exceeds it.


According to Tarot specialists, Ten of Wands talks about the psychological situation that the consultant or the person for whom he wonders, who feels an excess of stress or obligations. In this sense, this card also realizes that that person who becomes obsessed with what he must do, without being able to see around him other alternatives.

For example, the one who can only see his work responsibilities, leaving aside his family and health, but without ever forgetting them, thus also developing a feeling of guilt that adds double to his stress, falling into a vicious circle in which he is also not able to ask for help or get out of it.

In short, the Ten of Wands gives an account of a controlling and obsessive person, whose burden or obligations have become heavier to carry than he or she can handle, thus compromising their energies, health and enthusiasm. Similarly, some tarotists see in this card a rather ironic meaning.

Considering that the suit of Wands is mostly related to the field of work, it seems that the character of our card, did all he could to strengthen his work with the wands, who now surpass it and carry it, that is, the irony present in the one who He devoted all his strength to a job, in order to achieve economic freedom, which would allow him to travel, be comfortable and free, and on the contrary became prey to his work.

In this way, the appearance of this card in a consultation on the work plane comes to warn the consultant of the need to reflect on the time and energy he is dedicating to his occupations. Likewise, the presence of this card can be a real alert to the need to compete that can affect our consultant, without allowing him to say no to everything he considers a challenge or the possibility of someone highlighting more in his own area.

Likewise, the Ten of Wands reminds the consultant of the human impossibility of attending to more than two issues at the same time, so it is necessary to establish priorities, to help us define the obligations to which we will dedicate ourselves, for accepting everything that they propose to us p it can lead us to situations where the burden is too much for us.

On the love plane, the appearance of the Ten of Wands may indicate that the consultant feels or actually carries with the greatest weight of the relationship he maintains, without the other person involved appearing to be aware of his obligations. However, this burden is not ignored by the wearer, with some claims and frustrations arising from it, which lead to strong discussions. However, the consultant or the person we are asking for does his best to continue a relationship he seems to be carrying on his own.

If instead this card appears during a consultation that tries to reveal our partner’s feelings towards us, your presence indicates that our partner feels that she is going alone with the relationship, without us seeming to be involved, commit and take care of ourselves.

For the economic level this card also represents the need to stop for a moment and see how we are handling our finances, as the Ten Of Wands may be indicating that the consultant is not aware that he must tuck himself to where the shelter Allow. In this sense he may be coming to acquire more debts or commitments than he is able to pay, so he is advised to reflect, so that his economy is not a source of concern but of comfort.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Ten Of Wands also features an interpretation if it appears inverted. However, in this case it must be analyzed in context, that is, together with the other cards with which it is surrounded, in order to be able to really establish the meaning. However, when inverted, the Ten of Wands fails to get rid of the negative character he has when he appears right.

In this case it can point to two possible meanings, one that says that the charges were abandoned in order to invest the energies in something better. In this case, account should be taken of the accompanying cards, in order to establish whether this waiver was a positive thing or if on the contrary the consultant is avoiding important matters, which will sooner or later return to him for a solution.

Likewise, this card in an inverted position may point out that the sticks have become so heavy that they managed to bring down the consultant, and then it was time to ask for help and to sit down and reflect on how to take on the responsibilities. In this way, the specialists in this divinatory method indicate that the presence of the Ten Of Wands, whether right or reversed, is always an invitation to reflect on how we take our obligations and tasks.

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Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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