The cult of holy death in Mexico

In Mexico the cult that surrenders to death is well known, believers invoke it to ask for protection from their families, health and even resort to it to find lost objects. The holy death can be represented in a male form wearing a scythe and a rosary or in a feminine form that only wears a white robe and a golden crown.

Death is a whole culture in those American lands

This belief became popular in the sixties in Veracruz where a villager saw a figure drawn on the ceiling of his house and issured that it was the holy death, the passers-by of the place came to the village church to ask for the recognition of the image for q She was canonized but the Church refused to do so so she has since been worshipped without belonging to any religion or organization.

Although there are other more apt versions that attribute this mysterious cult to the pre-Hispanic era and say Mictecancuhtli and Mictecacihuatl as the god and goddess of death, where Mictlan was known as “the region of the dead”. Since then it is tradition in the Mexican people to offer food, water or food to the dead.

The cult of death is a very normal thing because it is a natural law that has to be accepted, Mexicans see the holy death as an angel and not as a messenger of pain and sorrow.

They make requests and in return they offer candles, sumptuous altars, take it for a walk, bathe it in tequila, and the requests range from arranging personal relationships, leaving some addiction, to getting a good love but you should never ask for anything to harm another Person.

The Most Holy as the holy death is also known has a very painful job so it asks to be treated with joy and affection and this is something that Mexicans know very well because the skulls that are recognized worldwide carry colors, ornaments and elegant dresses that take away the shadow and pain she carries with her all the time.

Believers in the Most Holy should not have attitudes that harm life, avoid fear, sadness, hatred, envy, because they know very well that the saint takes them at any moment.

They advise to bring fresh offerings, seasonal flowers avoid withered and rotten flowers because this attracts bad luck, chocolates are also favorite offerings that satisfy the most holy and that is that Mexican who respects himself knows that in his house must have a I give you a lot of favors to worship the holy death because it will give you many favors, but above all it will help you cope with the hardships of life.

The cult of holy death in Mexico
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July 31, 2019

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