The dead child who was resurrected in the middle of the wake

It happened in Brazil, at the funeral of a child as young as two. The infant lay in a coffin in the process called the wake, before being buried, when he awoke and alarmed all the mourning present.

He got up, drank water and returned to his coffin

His name was Kelvin Santos, who died in June 2012 and was, because the moment he woke up he asked for some water, he drank it and went back to bed in the mortuary drawer, but never again get up with that body again.

The event forever marked the lives of the attendees of the exequias, especially their relatives. But this is not the only case that has been reported, because in Colombia, Mexico, Peru and other parts of the world, they have recorded similar and similar cases. Official science does not explain how they can return, after being dictated as deceased and have remained dead for hours, even days.

The case has occurred in various parts of the world

The cause of the child’s death was pneumonia. He was taken in a critical condition to the hospital, but it was too late. It had been several hours after being decreed as deceased and even arranged by the funeral company, when it surprised everyone with such a paranormal phenomenon. As soon as he got up from the coffin, he came up to his dad and said, “Dad, can I have some water?”

Interestingly, the deceased children who, hours after leaving this world and return for a few moments, always ask for a glass of water. Something that hasn´t been explained in any objective way either.

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The dead child who was resurrected in the middle of the wake
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September 18, 2019

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