The fungus that produces female orgasms

A good percentage of women have never experienced orgasms and, although another good percentage has achieved it based on stimulation, especially in the clitoris, it has probably never been heard that a woman could get to experience it without any type of stimulation on your genitals or in some erogenous area.

Spontaneous orgasms

It is true that sometimes women have spontaneous orgasms in particular situations, especially in experiences that involve a huge emotional burden, without the need for any additional stimulus, but until now there was no news that the same effect could be achieved based on an odor, and that smell produced orgasms and arousal systematically.

The fungus that makes orgasms

But such is the case of Pallus indusiatus, a fungus that was recently discovered and is typical of South Asia, although it can also be found in South America, Africa and Australia and which, it seems, grows on volcanic rocks between 600 and thousand years old.

The smell of the fungus is fetid, which serves as a defense mechanism, but could be used as a treatment in cases of frigidity.

A strange smell

A scientific study on the island of Hawaii found that the fungus has no effect on men beyond revulsion at its smell, but it does on women. Out of 16 volunteers 10 reported the characteristic effects of arousal such as the increase in heart rate, at the pass that 6 of them reached the climax, having spontaneous orgasms with the fact of smelling the aforementioned fungus.

The studies so far are incipient but the most recent findings have already been published in the international journal of medicinal mushrooms, in New York City and scientists are now concentrating on analyzing the components of such a particular fungus, although they are considered to have some relationship with neurotransmitters released by women during sexual activity.

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The fungus that produces female orgasms
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August 28, 2019

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