The furthest man in the world

In a world where hairy men seem to be less and where, for commercial reasons, even the shaving of arms and legs and men is promoted, being the furthest man in the world seems to be something that is misplaced.

Its appearance is impressive

This is Yu Zhenhuan, a man of Chinese origin who was born in Liaoning Province, has been nicknamed “the Asian werewolf”; and it is not for nothing, for for bliss or disgust of him has been cataloged by the guinness book of records as the man with the most body hair in the whole world, since more than 90% of his body, is absolutely covered in hairs.

It was inferred that it has 50 hairs for every inch of skin. From a very young age, this man was besieged by tv producers, publicists, etc. In his childhood he got small roles in children’s films, where his success was resounding, obviously because this gentleman is quite a phenomenon.

Throughout his life he has had to enter the operating room because of the discomfort caused by excess hair, because sometimes he finds it difficult to breathe or listen, because the hair grows very quickly and prevents him from leading a normal life. This character feels very uncomfortable at times, because in each and every place he visits, he is perceived as a rarity and has confessed repeatedly, that this bothers him quite a bit because it has significantly affected his self-esteem. For this reason, he has decided to undergo several hair removal procedures using laser technology.

Yu Zhenhuan has also dabbled in other branches of the show, such as acting, dancing and music.

He suffers from a rare disease, known as “werewolf syndrome,” which in scientific terms is called Congenital Hypertrichosis. This is the cause of excessive hair growth throughout the body except on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. This pathology is hereditary so possibly, the children of Yu inherit this curious syndrome.

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The furthest man in the world
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