The Hotel of Death

Japan is one of the most eccentric countries in the world and this title has not acquired it overnight, because every day we are surprised by customs or events that we Westerners leave us totally surprised.

Japan is a country with a population of 60% of the elderly and has one of the highest mortality rates in the world: about 1% a year and incineration companies don´t supply enough to burn the corpses that come to them every day.

Comfortable bedrooms for the deceased

Hisayoshi Teramura, a man who has been in the funeral business for 40 years, opened the country’s first hotel for the dead, in Yokohama, and is named Lastel.

The Japanese can now send their deceased relatives to spend the night in a first hotel for the dead, located in a suburb of Yokohama in the east of the country. The place looks the same as any of the small accommodations in the city, with the difference that here they are exclusively deceased. For a price of about $154 per night, family members can leave the remains of their loved ones in one of the hotel’s 18 cooled rooms.

Preferable paying hotel than leaving the dead at home

Although in the West, this service is offered by an ordinary funeral home, in Japan, they offer post-morten massages and makeup, which we do in the West, but it is a matter of a single day. Relatives of the deceased are required to wait for access to a crematorium oven for at least 4 days, so they prefer to resort to the hospitality service rather than keep the bodies in their homes.

According to Japanese government data, some 1.2 million people died in Japan in 2010 alone, 55,000 more than the measure of the previous decade. The worst part is that by 2040, funeral homes are expected to receive 1.66 million bodies a year.

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The Hotel of Death
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September 18, 2019

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