The man who built a building with bottles

Architects always manage to surprise with each project, innovating not only in design, but also in the materials used in each project, but that someone can make a building with bottles is something unusual.

Human creativity has no limits

This is Li Rongjun, a newborn young graduate who aspires to become an Architect and who in 2015 decided to build his own office on the outskirts of Chongqing, a town southwest of the Asian country. The office, circularly, consists of two levels and 8500 bottles of beer were used for its construction.

The young man’s father helped him throughout the process, which lasted for a period of four months and in which more than $11,000 was invested. The seat of the bottles was lined up inside the office, while the mouth of the bottles was oriented towards the outside of the building.

Locals claim that the building is beautiful, but that at night it looks better because you can see the green light see filtering through the bottles, illuminating the surroundings.

However, it is not all a feast for the young man, as Tang Ji, a local architect who has seen the building, claims that the second floor has load-bearing walls and that the bottles have limited resistance that they can withstand so he ensures that Li’s office could arrive collapse.

However Li doesn´t become discouraged and claims to be very proud of his office and believes that the innovative design of the building, as well as the material used will be worth for people to come to request designs for their projects.

They have called him La Casa de Cristal and, although Li and his family do not have great resources, their ingenuity earned them to make their project a reality.

The man who built a building with bottles
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August 6, 2019

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