The unusual call to masturbate for the peace of the world

A world marked by war

The world throughout its history has always gone through bloody periods and wars, already of greater or lesser intensity and duration. In recent times, violence has reached such a point that peace seems like a distant utopia, although it is still sought by all means.

To achieve this, speeches, peace marches, prayers, hunger strikes, treaties, negotiations, and much more have been used. But the long-awaited peace seemed increasingly elusive, and intolerance and violence seem booming and splendour.

For some, it is not possible to get different results by doing the same, so some people have proposed different mechanisms. And of this Carlos Eduardo Serrano, a plastic artist who has proposed masturbation in exchange for white scarves and endless pilgrimages, knows.


To this end he convened at the end of 2015 a large masturbator for peace in Colombia that went from 6 a.m. to midnight. To participate you only had to masturbate from home thinking about the peace of Colombia and during the climax, mentally direct the energy of orgasm to Plaza de Bolívar, one of the most emblematic places in Colombia.

The Movement of Onanists

But Serrano would not be the first to promote such an idea and since the beginning of 2000 the movement of onanists for world peace has been echoing on social networks and creating groups among which stands out “marturbate for peace” that, in addition has its own website. One of the group’s slogans is that the best antidote to war is love, and what better than self-love.

Prayers have proved ineffective

Apart from this some argue that prayers have not achieved much so perhaps the power of masturbation does, especially that it is attributed to orgasm a great catalyst of emotional, neural and even parapsychological energies.

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The unusual call to masturbate for the peace of the world
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September 11, 2019

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