The world’s oldest man

Having a long longevity is for many people one of their great dreams and, even though in our times overcoming the 80-year barrier can be considered as fortunate and somewhat difficult, there are still some portentous exceptions.

Admirable longevity

And such is the case of Benito Martínez Abogán, born in Cavaellón (Haiti), on June 19, 1880 and who died in 2006, but who settled in Cuba, and who was listed as the oldest man in the world.

At the time of her death she was 126 years old and in very good health. He never married or fathered children, but devoted himself exclusively to working the land.

He was known in his city as the “Plane” and he, very emphatically, ensured that his secret to remaining alive and healthy, is not to criticize anyone and take it very well with everyone, because according to him, this is one of the best medicines for the body , because the soul, by remaining at peace with everything and with all, can enjoy health and harmony.

Best of all, this gentleman was in enviable health, because he didn’t need the help of a cane to walk, eat alone, manage his money and most amazingly: he possessed a pretty healthy view.

He suffered some diseases as is normal, as physical wear and tear over time becomes noticeably sharpened, but these ailments have not affected the pace of life he leads. By medical recommendations, he had become more measured in the work of the field so that he could continue to endure the passage of time.

The population of Cuba, on October 12, 2005, reached 11’241,291 people. The number of men, 50.03% is very discreetly exceeded that of women, 49.97%, and life expectancy reaches 77 years of age. The average age of the population is 35.1 years.

The current candidates to reach this age are Sakari Momoi and Yasutaro Koide, two Japanese elders whose age has been certified, born in 1903 and who are currently 112 years old.

And you are your expectation of life? How many years would you like to live? Surely some would not want to continue another second, but others would be happy to perpetuate themselves. Surely there is everything.

The world’s oldest man
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July 27, 2019

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