The world’s rarest hotels

The hotels are mostly distinguished by offering comfort and comfort to visitors but curiously there are places around the world that are out of the ordinary and in addition to offering comfort they also offer unique and wonderful experiences.

The Kokopelli’s cave

Kokopelli’s cave is listed as one of the most wonderful hotels in the world and is housed in an American cave that was excavated in 1981 and is located 22 meters deep in Alamo Standstone Eye and whose rooms consist of a bed and a c shower located in the middle of the “ruins” of the cave the walls are in natural stone.

Hotel Can sleep

The HOTEL CAN SLEEP located in Denmark consists of rooms made of giant beer “cans” and located in groups of six each room measures 3.8 meters high have two floors on the ground floor there is a small living room and a minibar on the top floor there is a ca double that besides everything is round.

Propeller Island city lodge

In Berlin there is a hotel where instead of beds offer comfortable and comfortable coffins this hotel is known as the Propeller Island city lodge consists of 45 rooms all with different themes including some that change color, others full of mirrors, finally each room has its particular appeal.

Alcatraz hotel

It seems that Germany ranks first in hotel eccentricities in Kaiserslautern there is a hotel called Alcatraz and it is a real prison that has 56 rooms and guests are welcomed as criminals and are doomed to enjoy a good food behind bars, this experience can cost around $80 a night.

Hotel tube

The Tubo Hotel in Mexico is a resort located in a forest reserve has comfortable rooms suitable in concrete pipes 2.5 meters in diameter and 3 meters long, these curious tubes are normally used for aqueducts Underground.

But ingenious people adapted these aqueducts to make them an attraction, because in them perfectly fits a double bed, a fan, a lamp and enough space for luggage, the bathroom and showers are located outside the tubes and are of use Common.

As for tastes there are no upsets and everyone can choose which hotel to stay in because we already know that there are many options to choose from.

The world’s rarest hotels
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August 6, 2019

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