The world’s sexiest coffee

Businesses come up with the most diverse ways to sell their products, which can be both typical and cool, traditional and avant-garde and, in some cases, even controversial, especially if the product is a coffee.

Bikinis and coffee

And it is that the owners of Bikini Beans Espresso, a coffee shop located in the city of Phoenix, in the United States, had an idea to make coffee more attractive to customers, and decided to create an unusual coffee shop in which the attention was toasted by beautiful women dressed in lingerie.

All for the love of coffee

According to Ben and Regina Lyles, what motivated them to undertake the project was their love of coffee and they are very proud to have created a unique and exciting concept, as well as adding fun. To this end they moved from Washington to Phoenix where they founded the first café in 2014, later creating a second headquarters in the city of Tempe.

Not everyone is happy

However, the ones who weren´t very happy were the users of social networks and some of them do not agree to sell a product that way and even label the cafeteria sexist.

However, not everyone is of the same opinion and there are those who believe that as long as no one is harmed, the establishment can establish the marketing strategies it deems most relevant.

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The world’s sexiest coffee
Source: curiosities  
September 18, 2019

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