Die Hector of the Sea, the mystical voice of the ‘Pressing Catch’: we remember his best quotes

Die Hector of the Sea, the mystical voice of the 'Pressing Catch': we remember his best quotes

Yesterday, died at 76 years the announcer argentine Héctor del Mar. It was known as the Man of the Goal for his unusual way of resumed these but in the heart of at least two generations of viewers Spanish (and the world) is remembered as the narrator of the insane fights Telecinco issued from the golden age of the WWF, ‘Pressing Catch’.

The pain is temporary, pride eternal

Hector the Sea was referent of the narration sports, famous for its casual style and nickname the athletes of the decade of the 80. But above all he left his mark for his comments on the iconic fights ‘Pressing Catch’, a fever that filled the weekends of thousands of spaniards fighting impossible and some other the flag of the country:

Ricardo “Pundonor” Gallego, Carlos “Cougar” Santillana, “Octopus” Arconada or “Tarzan” Migueli and so many nicknames for your greatest know to the players then were his work. It was the narrator for the generation  of the Quinta del Vulture,  of the legendary comebacks in european Real Madrid, through the radio when there was no other option for television.

the bell Rings, a sure sign that begin hostilities

Its unique and extended way of singing the goals established school, being  a pioneer in endure with the ¡Gooooooool! in the mouth for half a minute. It was on the front Carousel of Sporting activity between 1980 and 1985, and harvesting successes in the waves until it came to ‘Pressing catch’. In Telecinco, Eurosport, Four, Canal Plus and Brand TV with the programs ‘Raw’ and ‘Smackdown’, Hector del Mar was a pioneer of that there is no longer and it was to wrestling what Andres Mountains to the NBA.

“The Sailor Anchor”, “Earthquake Earthquake”, “The Last Warrior”, “Outfits Martel” or “The Sacamantecas”  are just some of the memories of the childhoods of many of us. To say goodbye, so we can not think of a better way to do it.

  • Some of their phrases plus mythical would have no place in the current panorama of tv a hypocrite today, where the offense comes before the information and the tone has been lowered to convert the emissions in aseptic and harmless programs without personality, so we left for the memory some of his phrases more memorable. Rest in peace, master.

Top of the best phrases of Hector del Mar

  • “women live longer than men, especially widows”
  • “The japanese do not look, suspect”
  • “The old everything they believe, the adults all suspect and the young, all-knowing”
  • “My wife has a slight problem in speech. Once in a while he stops to breathe,”
  • “A mouse ready never entrusts its life to one hole”
  • “do Not marry for money. A loan you will most cheap”
  • “I’m not bald: I will grow faster than the hair”
  • “Never afiles your boomerang”
  • “it Is so old, that instead of bringing a stork, brought by a dinosaur,”
  • “Three tips to look more young: eat well, do exercise and lie about your age”

do Not trust who says that the world of the narrative, sport was not much more fun, human and better a few years ago.

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Die Hector of the Sea, the mystical voice of the ‘Pressing Catch’: we remember his best quotes
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April 9, 2019

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