Dies at age 77 Spanish actress Amparo Baró

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  • The known artist, 77, died in the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid because of a disease that affected him in no time
  • On television noted for his work on Study 1 and especially for 7 life , in Telecinco, to win public sympathy with his character, Soledad Huete .
  • In the film highlights his role in ‘Seven French billiards’ (2007), directed by Gracia Querejeta, for which she received a Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress.
  • List : ¿Cuál think was your best interpretive moment?

 Amparo Baró

Actress Amparo Baró has died at 08.00 hours on Thursday, as confirmed by a 20minutes your agency representation Paloma Juanes.

The famous artist, 77, has died because of an illness that affected him very quickly, in the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid, his agency reported.

Born in Barcelona in 1937, Amparo Baró has been a recognized interpreter of film, theater and television , often noted for its physical and its peculiar tone.

On television highlights his work on Study 1 , Gaskets, but no riots 7 life in Telecinco, which along more than 200 chapters won public sympathy with his character, Soledad Huete.

The film highlights their role in the film ‘ Seven French billiards ‘ (2007), directed by Gracia Querejeta, for which he received Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress . On stage, Baró participated in the play ‘August (Osage County)’ (2011/12), Tracy Letts, for which he won the Prix de Teatro Valle Inclán.

The death of actress has made her name ‘trending topic’ World on Twitter, given the number of people who have named the social network has been known since the news of his death. There are also between the words most used one of his most popular series, 7 Lives.


And is that the world of culture has turned to bid farewell to the actress. One person who has expressed his grief over this loss is actor Javier Cámara, who shared the stage with popular actress in the series 7 vidas for several years. “Gone Amparo Baró. My mother many years. I was orphaned . The whole family of comedians too. Forever! How sad,” said.

Other interpreters who shared that time with Baró is the actor and now deputy UPyD Toni sang , who has also been affected via Twitter: “They just left us a great actress, better person and a great friend Amparo Baró :. Rest in peace, Sole! “.

The actress Macarena Gómez (” Great Amparo Baró. Rest in peace “), actor Carlos Bardem (” It was not going a very great actress, Amparo Baró. Goodbye to All affection and admiration of the world “) or interpreter also Tristan Ulloa (” I’ll take the last I saw of her: her enormous work in the work Agosto “) have been other colleagues who have dedicated a few words on the social network.

Carmen Machi , who Baró shared projects both on screen and on stage , is” very concerned “and” sad “, as has confirmed his representative, so it will not make statements.

The world of politics has also echoed the sad news. The secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez” Pedro Sánchez has said feel “sad” after learning of the death of Amparo Baró . “It leaves a major,” he added. Also, Albert Rivera, president of Citizens (C’s), stressed the “great loss” of theater, film and television.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, José Ignacio Wert, has conveyed its condolences to the family of the actress. “It was probably one of the More signified representatives of an extraordinary generation of actors and actresses who started in the 50s and throughout his life and professional cycle have been showing not only quality but also extraordinary versatility, “said the minister


Dies at age 77 Spanish actress Amparo Baró
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January 29, 2015

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