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English - March 1, 2013

This morning

Real Racing 3 joined Google Play, but that was not the only important landing at the store. Fox Digital Entertainment has released Alien vs Predator: Evolution, a new action game in the third person that recreates the epic battle between the two races.

In Alien vs Predator: Evolution two of the world’s deadliest creatures clash in a bloody struggle set in a distant planet. In his final attempt to eradicate the Hunters Clan of the Forest, the Super Predators take advantage of the skills of a kind that resists unexpected: the Aliens.

The interesting thing is that the game features two different game experiences: we can play as Alien and the objective is to destroy the Super Predators and free the enslaved species, or Jungle Hunter Predator, we must eliminate the Alien Queen to prevent Super Predators annihilate our Clan.

In addition we can design our own Aliens and Predators with improvements to the characters, enhanced capabilities and a host of powerful armor and weapons, and have access to a large arsenal of weapons like atrapacaras, rechargers fury weapons network, proximity mines, Alien vision, plasma guns and more.

Alien vs Predator: Evolution has a gorgeous 3D graphics and a spectacular environments. The battles take place in the arena of the Temple, the Marine Base, Alien Bee and other scary scenarios.

Alien vs Predator: Evolution requires a team with good power processing and can be downloaded from Google Play at a price of 3.73 euros.

Download Alien vs Predator: Evolution (Google Play)

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