Breakfast options that don´t include flour

Generally, in Latin America, as well as in the United States, in recent years, the concepts of bread and breakfast have become almost inseparable. Some variations to this food can also be arepa, empanadas, tortillas, pancakes, half-moons, and other great diversity of options, which have an ingredient in common: flour, either wheat or corn.

Life change: no more flours

But what happens when the individual has discovered that this type of food is perhaps the reason behind his autoimmune disease, his insulin resistance, his diabetes, his overweight, or at least a habit he wants to change forever. The American custom of accompanying breakfast with bread, toast, flour or cereals is so deeply rooted in this culture that hardly anyone conceives the first food of the morning without these elements.

However, some enthusiastic portals of the Paleo diet, or of at least lowering the consumption of these foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars insist that the reason why this custom has become obsolete in the heart of this culture is not even how healthy or appetizing it may be, but how practical it may be to consume in the morning, when everything is in a hurry, foods that are almost ready, and that far from cooking, introduce us more to processes of assembly: preparing a sandwich, filling a tortilla, pouring milk on the cereal: preparing a sandwich, filling a tortilla, pouring milk on the cereal, and so on.

However, it is precisely this quality of being processed foods that makes bread, cereals, biscuits or rolls more and more distant from constituting really healthy foods, so that they can be consumed at least on a daily basis. Similarly, more and more different doctors, such as Dr. Ludwig Johnson, say that the impulse and discharge of energy that can provide this type of food, actually lasts only two hours, and may even be directly responsible for the downturn felt in the mid-afternoon, as well as a series of other health disorders.

Consequently, a radical change in eating habits will probably not only involve modifying the foods consumed during dinner or lunch, but will also have to address the matter of breakfast, moving away from this first meal of the day this type of processed foods, for options that are a little healthier, natural, and that really translate into fuel for the rest of the day.

Flour-free breakfast options

However, it is one thing to say it and another to actually do it, for most people – precisely because of this deep-rooted custom – can quickly visualize what changes to make in their dinners, lunches and ounces, but very few can imagine what to eat for breakfast, in addition to their toast with butter and jam.

Fortunately, more and more nutritionists are joining this stream of natural, healthy food, which translates into more choices and delicious recipes. Here, then, are some examples of recipes for a delicious breakfast one hundred percent free of flour or sugar:

Apple Sandwich

For those who may be starting with a change of habit, but still need to feel in the mornings that take in their hands a delicious sandwich full of flavor, this is the ideal recipe. To prepare it, it will be necessary to have the following ingredients: one (1) green apple / walnut pâté and mushroom / half ( ½ ) tomato / two slices of Serrano ham.

When assembling, it will be necessary to cut two slightly thick slices from the centre of the apple, from which the heart will be carefully removed. These slices will act as bread. Then add the pâté of nine and mushrooms, the tomato chopped into small pieces and the slice of serrano ham. You can prepare two of these sandwiches per apple. It is accompanied by coffee or tea. It can also be an excellent dinner.

Hamburger with guacamole and egg

Although it may sound overly complicated by morning time, you may be able to save time by leaving the ground and seasoned meat, ready in the fridge from the night before. In fact, it could be the leftovers from lunch or dinner the day before. At the time of preparing this breakfast, you will then begin by gathering the ingredients you will need for each of the preparations:

For meat: fifty (50 grs.) grams of ground beef for hamburgers / one (1) clove of garlic / half ( ½ ) onion chopped into small squares / sea salt / pepper. It will be necessary to mix all the ingredients, and once you have achieved a preparation as homogeneous as possible, simply place a pan on the fire, with a little olive oil or coconut, and place the hamburger, which can be molded with your own hands.

For guacamole: for its part, for the preparation of guacamole will be necessary to have at hand the following elements: half ( ½ ) onion / one (1) branch of parsley / one (1) strip of red paprika / half ( ½ ) avocado / half ( ½ ) lemon. When the preparation begins, just wash and chop the onion, parsley and paprika into tiny pieces. The avocado is also crushed with a fork and added to the chopped vegetables. Add a little salt and lemon juice to avoid oxidation.

At the moment of cooking, place the hamburger, the guacamole on top of it, and add a fried egg on top of it. In this breakfast you will find all the protein and energy to start an ideal day. You can drink water as a companion, or if you want a lemonade sweetened with honey.

Melon, ham, eggs and mocachino

Another way to start the day with a lot of energy is this light but nutritious breakfast, which will not make you miss the bread or the usual cereal at all. To prepare it you will need to have the following ingredients on hand:

For the eggs: even if you could just try a couple of scrambled eggs, one way to give it a bit of flavor might be to gather one (1) scallion branch / two (2) mushrooms / two toasted and chopped nuts / avocado oil / and two (2) eggs. At the moment of starting this preparation, a frying pan will be taken, where the avocado oil will be placed. Sauté the onion, mushrooms and walnuts. When the mushrooms have changed colour, add the eggs, salt and pepper until the desired texture is achieved.

For the mocachino: to prepare this drink, take as a base a cup of black coffee, without sugar, and as concentrated as desired. However, instead of adding milk, add three tablespoons of coconut oil, take it to the fire, and cook until the oil has been completely mixed, and the drink has a creamy appearance. It is lowered from the heat, and if desired can be sweetened with a tablespoon of a thousand natural bees.

At the moment of putting in the plate, three or four slices of melon will be placed in the plate, without any type of sugar or syrup. The eggs that have been prepared will also be added, as well as the slices of Serrano ham. It is accompanied with the mocachino, and this healthy and delicious option is enjoyed, where in addition not a single gram of flour should have been used.

Chicken with parsley and sautéed spinach

Generally, there are people who do not feel hungry in the morning, or at least do not imagine eating at this time the same thing you can have at lunch. However, one may wonder whether it is really so healthy to leave food with less nutrito say, bread and flour, for breakfast, catalogued as the most important meal of the day, because it is shional value, that is te who provides energy for all the caloric expenditure involved in the morning.

If you want to try new alternatives, a delicious and quick option is this dish of chicken with parsley, accompanied by delicious sautéed spinach. To prepare each of these dishes will need the following ingredients, and proceed as described below:

For the chicken: the ideal is that the chicken has been defrosted since the previous day, and if possible marinated, a process for which it will simply be necessary to add a pinch of sea salt and pepper. You can also add a little lemon juice, if you want a much stronger flavor.

Similarly, two cloves of garlic should be cut into small pieces, a process that will also be done with parsley. Take a frying pan, place on the fire, add a splash of olive oil, and add the garlic and parsley. Sauté until the garlic begins to brown. At that moment the chicken is added, it is sealed, and then the fire is lowered, so that its juices lengthen, when it begins to fry with its own oil, it is lowered of the fire.

For spinach: for its part, for this preparation will need three (3) large spinach leaves / four (4) mushrooms / half ( ½ ) onion / coconut oil / a tablespoon of sesame seed. Once the spinach leaves have been washed, they should be cut into strips. The mushrooms are also cut into thin slices. The onion is also chopped into julienne strips. Take a frying pan to the fire, place the coconut oil, sauté the onion and the mushrooms, until they lengthen their juice.

Add the spinach leaves and sesame seeds. Lower the heat and let it cook until the spinach is ready. If you wish, you can also add small pieces of bacon to this recipe. Serve the chicken with the spinach, and you get a delicious, nutritious and appetizing breakfast, which can also work perfectly as dinner or lunch.


Breakfast options that don´t include flour
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October 31, 2019

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