Excuse for student absence

In schools and colleges, including universities, it is quite a mess for a student to miss school and accumulate a certain percentage of failures or absences to class (which may even cause loss of the subject or subject), so it is necessary to present the letter that justify, or better, explain the causes why the student could not attend on a certain date, or dates, to class of the respective subjects.

Excusa por inasistencia de alumno

Sometimes, the excuse for school absence should only be presented to the teacher, or if the situation is more serious, sometimes the coordinator, the principal, the rector, dean, etc., should be scaled. When the student is in the garden, school or college (or better, when he is a minor), the excuse must be presented by the guardian. In the rest of the occasions it is the same student who presents the excuse in his name. Let’s see an example, in which the excuse is presented by the student’s guardian.

Washington D.C., March 17, 2014


Professor of Spanish and literature

Good day appreciated teacher. The present aims to offer apologies for the absence of my son Franz Hartman, on March 14, 2014. It was due to the child was sick with a bad cold and had to rest for a period of three days . For proof of the above, medical certification annex.

Likewise, I beg you to please help me so that the child can move forward and find a mechanism so that he can present the evaluation of that day.

Without another particular.


Parent and guardian of the student

So far the example of an excuse for non-attendance of students to classes. Of course, it can be modified according to the situation that would have occurred, same as excuse the absenteeism

Excuse for student absence
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June 20, 2019

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