Fear from revolutionary mystique

Fear is totally an illusion. On the contrary, the real value is eternal; it is not of time or mind and when it is truly acquired, it never disappears. This world is full of horrible dangers, great risks and terrible tragedies that happen all the time, with or without us. Therefore, it urges at all costs to strengthen the mind, awakening and developing the virtues of patience and courage.

Fear is the opposite of love

Then, at the hour of danger, the Consciousness will work with supreme courage, with divine courage and a warrior’s aplomb. Usually, in most people, the psychological defects that make up the mind are those who act in a similar circumstance, making grave mistakes because all those psychic elements that keep us asleep are part of the legions of fear.

In this life filled with fearsome dangerous waves, one must be a complete warrior resembling a gigantic stone by the sea, for when the waves crash against it, it remains solid and unwavering. This is how a warrior of the Light must face all the complicated situations to emerge triumphant.

In dangerous moments, a warrior never trembles with fear. Neither does he experience any kind of grief or shyness, much less let go of despair or defeat. But with a smile facing danger and difficulties, he remains calm and impassive and success in battle is not expected.

There’s nothing worse than heart than fear. It is the cause of human suffering and the secret spring of selfish desire. A warrior of Consciousness struggles to cultivate an existence full of virtues and can only achieve this with devotion to God beyond a religion, practiced from moment to moment.

He is therefore dedicated to serving and developing love for all creatures, to deep and transcendental meditation, and to exercising the priesthood of Nature. Such a warrior is feared even by the lord of death himself, and terror is quite a joke that he laughs at.

There is no doubt that fear is the direct culprit of failure and defeat. A coward attacked by his fears is immediately mired in vulnerability and may even lose his life sooner than he writes on the line of fate or worse, he helps eliminate the lives and integrity of those in his care.

The heart of a warrior never decays from the illusion of his fanciful fears. He always enjoys sustained self-confidence and an unwavering faith in Himself.

What is fear?

The original fear is a mental sensation caused by the imminent danger to life. In these circumstances the face is impaled, the muscles tremble, especially the knees because they are a vital energy center. The scare can become so shocking that the heart pulse can be stopped and sphincters are lost, causing involuntary loss of fecal matter and urine. Also, the expression is completely inert, with an inability to speak or move.

The main reason for fear is ignorance. It is not knowing the laws of the Universe and the concrete methods to transcend them. In other words, it is to ignore that the Divinity dwells in each of the human beings. And it was millions of years ago that we ate from the forbidden tree, which is orgasm or ejaculation, when we were plunged into the most nefarious ignorance, identified to the fullest with our bodies and obviously attached to them.

In that sense, the body became the number one tool for sensory self-satisfaction and that is why we fear seriously that we will get sick, because we would run out of bliss and do our best to preserve the human machine.

The fact of feeling inferior corresponds to another of the little details of fear. Such negative emotion generates total insecurity and lack of confidence in Itself. Indeed, he considers himself incapable and fears those he esteems as superiors, because they are supposedly more talented, powerful, or skilled.

Among the various and multiple causes of fear in an individual, those that are related to physical problems such as body malformations, motor disabilities, some kind of mental retardation or violent and aggressive education in childhood are highlighted.

Regardless of its causes or effects, at any time in life, the only definitive way of liberation from fear in all its phases is to fully recognize the powerful Divine Presence that each being carries in its heart; be aware of the Inner God. Only continuous and sustained devotion in that Inner Spirit will develop the necessary trust in Himself, with which fear would become cosmic dust.

Fear can be considered man’s worst enemy. He won’t let you do anything. It incapacitates him for everything. If a man does not overcome fear, then he will not advance on his spiritual level and most surely, physical. All the great sages have said, “Fear not.” If you liked this article, share it and write your comment in the comments box. It’s very important to us what you think.

Fear from revolutionary mystique
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June 30, 2019

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