Main representatives of Judaism

Judaism has a long tradition that goes back to Abraham, who, within Judaism, is granted the title of father.

Judaism and the Hebrew current

Abraham and Moses are the main exponents of Judaism. The latter would lay the foundations, the commandments and dictate various provisions about the way of life of the Jewish people.

In addition to them we find:

Rabbi Shelomó Yitzjaki (one of the producers of The Talmud, or Gemara)

Yosef Karo de Safed (codification of the Halacha)

Moshe Ben Maimon, or Maimonides (author of the Mishne Torah)

Shimón Bar Yojai (author of The Zohar). It is said that this master achieved maximum spiritual enlightenment, to the point of having received all the knowledge of the Kabalah, from the hand of Archangel Metraton himself, who according to the Hebrew wisdom, is the angel closest to God and the closest and most powerful.

The Zohar Ha Kadosh, is also referred to as The Book of Splendors and contains all the occult wisdom that would lead a human being to fuse directly with God, with the possibility of becoming an angel and then an archangel.

It is undeniable that King Solomon is another of the great representatives of Judaism, although being precise, he really is a representative of the Hebrew culture. Judaism goes hand in hand with the current that came out of Judah, the brother of Joseph who sold it to the Egyptians.

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Main representatives of Judaism
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June 18, 2019

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