Recipes based on walnuts

In recent years, Medicine and Nutritionists have begun to recommend the consumption of nuts on a daily basis, to ensure an adequate intake of energy and healthy fats to the body, which can translate into health benefits, such as protection of the cardiovascular system, as well as its large amount of antioxidants.

Nuts as a perfect complement

Likewise, during the last decades, the Medicine has pointed out how the ingestion of this dry fruit, coming from the walnut tree, as well as other similar ones like hazelnuts, almonds or chestnuts, is an ideal option for those who suffer from diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic or autoimmune diseases. So if you do not suffer any particular allergy to this fruit, is the ideal choice for a mid-afternoon snack.

However, doctors go a little further by suggesting that nuts should also become the complement to strong foods, so that all their nutrients can be taken advantage of in any of the three meals that are made a day, because nuts are also an extremely versatile product, which should not necessarily be consumed alone or accompanied by yogurt.

Among the nutritional properties of nuts are those of being a great source of saturated fats, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, as well as minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins such as B6. On the other hand, walnuts are also known for their important contribution of fiber to the human body, which translates into a better intestinal transit.

Recipes based on nuts

Even though most people associate nuts with the Christmas season or the unconditional complement of rich desserts, these nuts can actually be eaten at any time of year and in any presentation, since their flavor combines perfectly with both sweet and salty preparations. In this sense, many chefs have chosen to include them in their recipes, even though you don’t have to be a professional chef to taste a rich recipe where the nut plays marvellously.

In this sense, in fact there are more and more portals specializing in culinary that include easy salted recipes based on nuts, demonstrating that anyone with a little imagination can incorporate naturally to the diet this important food. Here are some delicious examples of nut recipes:

Green Leaf, Walnut and Salmon Salad

An excellent choice for breakfast, dinner or as an accompaniment to main dishes is this colorful, delicious and practical salad, rich in fiber, good fats and omega 3. To prepare it you will need to have at hand the following ingredients: two (2) slices of smoked salmon at room temperature / one (1) turnip / thirty grams (30 gr.) of rocket / thirty (30 gr.) grams of lettuce leaf mix / two (2) tomatoes / a small piece of purple cabbage / one (1) tablespoon of natural yogurt without sugar / six (6) nuts.

When preparing this salad, it will be necessary to cut the slices of salmon into thin strips. The tomato and turnip will also be cut into thin slices. The purple cabbage is also cut into strips and washed with vinegar. Once this is done, place the mixture of lettuce leaves in a salad bowl, which must also have been previously washed with vinegar.

Place the tomatoes and turnips in a circular shape. Next, place the walnuts, each of which must have been cut in half. Finally, add the salmon and the yoghurt as a dressing. You can also add a splash of avocado oil.

Ham, orange and walnut salad

Another option for those who are trying to follow a diet that dispenses with bread and flour is this delicious salad, which can accompany the beginning of the day, or eat a little later as the accompaniment of any meat, or a delicious cream of vegetables.

In order to prepare it, it will be necessary to have at hand the following elements: a (1) handful mézclum of lettuces / a (1) handful of alfalfa sprouts / one (1) orange / twelve (12) walnuts / one hundred (100 gr.) grams of serrano ham. Having everything at hand, you should start by peeling and cutting the orange into segments. Lettuce and alfalfa sprouts should also be washed. On the other hand, the walnuts must have been split in two, while the Serrano ham must be chopped into rustic pieces.

Once the ingredients have been prepared, the lettuce leaves, alfalfa sprouts, orange and cured ham are placed in a salad bowl. Add olive oil, salt and pepper and serve.

Mushroom and walnut pâté

Also, the high fat content of this nut makes it the ideal ingredient for preparing pâté or spreads, which can be ideal when it comes to a guest meeting, or a delicious and healthy snack, without the need to resort to processed foods or foods rich in bad fats.

Once it has been decided to prepare it, then one (1) pound of mushrooms / three (3) cloves of garlic / one (1) onion / one (1) tablespoon of olive oil / one (1) teaspoon of beer yeast / eighty (80 gr.) grams of peeled nuts / salt and pepper to taste.

The first step of this recipe will be to brown in a frying pan with olive oil the onion and garlic, finally chopped. When they start to brown, add the mushrooms, which have also been previously washed and cut into slices. The mushrooms will release their juice, but then they will begin to roast. When this happens and the color change is evident, the preparation of the fire will be removed.

Next, the nuts should be toasted. This process can be carried out in the oven, for which the chopped walnuts will be placed on a tray, sprinkled with a little olive oil and taken for two minutes at 180 ºC; or also -if you do not have a hand oven- it can be done in a frying pan, for which a splash of olive oil will also be added, and cooked until you notice that the walnuts have begun to toast.

Finally, in the blender glass, add the sautéed mushrooms, as well as the toasted walnuts. Add the brewer’s yeast, salt and pepper to taste. It is processed, and a little olive oil is added. The recipe will be ready when the right texture has been achieved.

Spaghetti with walnuts, ham and asparagus

But nut recipes don’t have to be vegan or gluten-free because they can be used to make delicious lasagne, rice and pasta. An example of this is this preparation of spaghetti with walnuts, ham and asparagus.

To start the preparation, it will be necessary to have at hand the following ingredients: one hundred (100 gr.) of walnuts / one hundred and fifty (150 gr.) grams of head onion / one hundred and fifty (150 gr.) of asparagus / fifty (50 gr.) grams of serrano ham / one (1) spoonful of coconut oil / one hundred and fifty (150 gr.) grams of spaghetti al dente.

Then, a frying pan will be taken, to which will be added the spoonful of coconut oil and the chopped onions in tiny pieces. They are sautéed until they are about to get to the point of caramelization. Now add the chopped walnuts, as well as a glass of water. Let the preparation cook for at least ten minutes.

After this time, take this preparation to the blender, where it will be processed, in order to make a sauce. If you want more creamy, you can add liquid cream. For those who have some reaction to dairy, a good option is also a slice of avocado, and the juice of half a lemon.

In a clean frying pan, then sauté the asparagus, from which the yolks have been removed, for a few minutes, taking care not to overcook them. At this point, add the sauce prepared with the walnuts. Also add the buds of the asparagus that had been left aside.

Finally, add the serrano ham, chopped in a rustic way. Let it cook for another minute and add the spaghetti, which has been previously cooked until it is al dente. Mix the sauce with the pasta. Correct the salt again, add pepper, and lower it from the fire. Serve hot.

Banana and walnut ice cream

Finally, a delicious nut-based sweet recipe is worth noting, as this nut is suitable for everything. This time the recipe will be a practical, homemade way to make a delicious banana and walnut ice cream, which can work perfectly as a snack, craving or dessert.

To prepare it, you will need the following items: four (4) egg yolks / one (1) cup of honey / one (1) cup of almond milk / four (4) bananas / eighty (80 gr.) grams of walnuts.

The first thing that will be done to make this ice cream, is to process with a mixer the yolks of the eggs, until obtaining a creamy mixture. In a pot is placed to heat the almond milk, and add the yolks, lowering the fire to the minimum. Be careful not to stop moving the preparation, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. It is left in the fire until it releases the first boiling.

With the help of a strainer, serve directly in the glass of the blender. The bananas and walnuts are added to this preparation, and the preparation is processed to obtain as homogeneous a cream as possible. It will be taken to a mold, and once it has reached room temperature, it will be placed in the refrigerator, until the preparation is frozen.

After this has happened, take it out of the fridge and beat it again, until a creamy preparation is obtained. Serve cold, and take the rest back to the freezer.


Recipes based on walnuts
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October 31, 2019

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