Short summary of Anaconda

It all starts the instant a snake will burn, stomping on a house where four people live, four horses and a can. Previously, this one was abandoned.

An incredibly giant snake

The yarara snake was called Lanceolate and was shocked by the presence of these people in the house that was previously uninhabited. So in a cavern, it gathers the whole congregation of snakes. The cavern was the abode of the most fearsome and poisonous snake that is the rattlesnake. Her friends called her Terrifying.

All the snake species in the region were crowded there and tried to agree on the plan to follow, to mitigate the danger they felt about the presence of these strangers in the house.

In those moments Crusade, another snake, proposed that he would go to talk with Azaniná, which is too fast a snake, so that it would spy all the movements of those people in the house, unnoticed and thus know for sure, what kind of people are t Rat.

But at the time of her mission, she was seen by a human and nearly killed. Then, Azaniná fled unscathed and went to tell the viper congress that the claims of those people were nothing more or nothing less, to kill all the snakes in the area to extract the poison and thus set up a serotherapeutic laboratory.

Obviously, the whole Serpentine community was quite alarmed and they were very concerned. Then Crusade rose euphoric and excited and proposed that they go to war against humans by going to fight in that house. But it wasn’t as easy as she thought.

The rapid Acanina informs him that it is very dangerous for a poisonous snake to approach a house of humans, especially since they had a dog that was vaccinated against the poison and was immune, apart from that by its terrible smell it would put them in a heartbeat.

But Crusade ignored and decided to leave for that house, ready for everything. As soon as he arrived the next day at that home, he first encountered the dog who was bitten by the snout and left for dead, but suddenly a human, using a stick, manages to catch it and locks her in a snake container.

In that kind of prison, he met a Royal Cobra snake coming from the far east, from the country of India to be exact. She was called Hamadrías and told her that the song she thought had killed with her bite, she had not actually died because she was immunized against the snake bites.

But seeing the fire burning in the heart of Crusade, Hamadrías is armed with courage and proposes a plan to flee from there. Thus, they carried out a very strategic plan, in which Crusade had apparently died, but in reality it was that it was sedated with the poison of Hamadias, who bit it on purpose.

When humans realized there was a dead snake in their serpentine, they threw it out the window. But right after they do, they take the poor man of Hamadria to extract the last remaining from her valuable poison.

However, Crusade appears to save her and bites her foot from the subject who held her up, so he lets go. Hamadrías took advantage of the uproar and bit the principal of the institute and slip away.

As soon as they arrived at the cavern where the snakes were gathered, another plan was put in place to deadly attack the men. But there were two different proposals; one came from Aacaniná who said that there was first to attack the dog and the other, by Hamadrías who proposed to attack the horses.

The Royal Cobra of India knew how to persuade everyone else to support it in its plans, because it wanted the power of Congress. They all went with Hamadrías, except for Anaconda, a very strange non-poisonous species in that area and for that reason was not heard at the serpentine meeting either. She decides to support Acaniná.

Indeed, the reason was the old Acaniná, since the horses like the dog were immunized and curiously, in these conditions, the poison falls very well in their organism. Therefore, they were almost killed almost all because the dog caught them.

To this end, the snakes noticing their resounding failure, the few survivors decide to retire. Then they discuss again the old Acanina and the Indian Hamadrías. The first proposed that they should leave disbanded so that when they dispersed themselves in various ways, men would get confused and it would be impossible for them all to catch them. But the second, he proposed to take refuge together in the cavern.

Again the Royal Cobra convinces everyone and that’s why they’re going to shelter in the cave. Then the enraged humans undertake the search for the place where the vipers were hidden. The instant of feeling completely enclosed and covered by humans, Anaconda confronts Hamadrías and injures her with death. Anaconda, for her part, is injured, but in the end she was the only one who survived, because the others were killed by the men and she, taken prisoner.

Short summary of Anaconda
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July 28, 2019

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