Steps to prepare a panel

In the field of oral communication, there are several ways in which oral communication can be carried out, including the realization of a panel, which is not really a formal conversation, but rather a meeting of two or more specialists. in an area of ​​determined knowledge with the objective of debating, discussing, exchanging ideas -which they can agree or disagree- with respect to a specific topic.

Pasos para preparar un panel

Steps to prepare a panel

The first step to prepare it, apart from the logistical, communication and dissemination aspects of the event, is to trace the theme and objectives.

After this, panelists should be selected, although there may be only two, the normal and recommended is between 4 to 8 people, all specialists in the subject that has been previously chosen.

Now a moderator of the panel should be chosen, as well as its respective coordinator.

After this, the strategies and mechanisms for development must be considered, the dynamics that must be followed.

The panel begins, usually with a question posed by the moderator or a brief exposition of a topic, which is of common interest, which is booming, current, it may be a recent event, something that has caused controversy, etc. For example: In the city a priest has raped a child, or a public official has done something outrageous. But not only this can be the theme, it can be absolutely diverse, talk about the economy, about politics, etc., etc.

Each panelist has a time for his presentation; likewise they must establish the time available to answer the questions of the audience.

In the end, the moderator of the panel will be in charge of closing the discussion, of giving the floor to the audience to ask their respective questions (although the panel can do without this last part) and to close the panel as such.

Steps to prepare a panel
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June 20, 2019

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