The world’s most visited museums

Museums are quite interesting sites because they are full of history, art and there are all kinds of them but worldwide there are some that are more famous and receive more visits annually.

The world’s most visited museums

Great discoveries and inventions are on display in these museums

The museum that receives the most visits and is very recognized worldwide is the Louvre Museum which is listed as the most impressive and is a must for all tourists visiting France also has an important collection of 35,000 extremely works valuable for the history of art and humanity, among its collection are Leonardo Da Vinci’s La Gioconda, Freedom Guiding the People of Eugene Delacroix, Bonaparte visiting Jean Gros’s stinking Jaffa by Vincent Van Gogh’s original works among others.

The British museum located in London has an interesting collection dedicated to human history and culture the permanent exhibition has about 9 million objects and presentations is visited by 7 million people a year is considered one of the world’s most important history museums.

The National Museum of China located in Beijing in 2013 was visited by 8 million people and despite only having 12 years of operation within its permanent collection since it has a million elements related to the exquisite and diverse oriental history.

The National Air and Space Museum located in Washington is the world’s most famous aviation and space exploration museum and welcomes 6.5 million visitors each year.

The world’s most visited museums
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