Top representatives of Greek mythology

Before the Greek peninsula was occupied, it was the time where everything related to the mythology of Greece was born, which consists of a series of heroic and fantastical stories, which in itself represents a coded symbol of a Hidden and Magical Knowledge.

The Lovers of Wisdom

This series of stories and stories, transmitted orally from generation to generation and largely in poetic form, are not as such a religious dogma, but they do constitute the positions of the Greek sages of the past, about Cosmos and the human being.

All the gods of this mythology are characterized by taking human form and come to symbolize universal forces; in the accounts they are sometimes shown as compassionate and righteous and at other times as cruel and ruthless. But always, all people sought their favors and did so through sacrifices and good works toward others, although other things were sometimes required.

The great philosopher and poet Herodotus asserted that those who baptized the gods, each with their name, characteristics, specific powers, and development in certain questions of nature, were nothing more or nothing less than Hesiod and Homer. However, even if Herodotus claims it, it must be borne in mind that before those two philosopher magnos, centuries ago, the oral tradition of Greek mythology already existed.

Stories of magic, heroism, bravery, sages, monsters, maidens and wars, enrich this ancient culture.

The most relevant characters

Odysseus, Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Tindareus, Theseus, Sysyphous, Carhome, Perseus, Peleus, Pandora, Odysseus, Minos, Midas, Iolaus, Jason, Leda, Menelaus, Medea, Lydia, Io, Icarus, Hilas, Hecuba, Europe, Hector, Dríope, Dédalo, Dioscuros, Clneitemstra, Achilles, Acteon, Aeneas, Agamemnon, Ayax, Alcmene, Anchedise, Andromeda, Belerofonte, Bato, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Crises.

The Greek mythological creatures

Nymphs, styro-vephalymphale birds, pastures, chimeras, chironts, sacies, scents, sirens, thalons, nayades, nereidas, jellyfish, minotaurs, lamia, eriman’s wild boars, calidonia boars, gerions, sphinxes, driaddas, cyopcles, caribdis, centaurs, harpies, gorgons.

The mighty titans

Febe, Tethys, Helios, Atlas, Hyperion, Prometheus, Rea, Selene, Teia, Temis, Ocean, Epimeteus, Dione, Cronos, May, Ceo, Jápeto, Leto.

The lesser gods

Ether, Hecate, Morpheus, Pan, Noto, Niké, Tanatos, Proteus, Persephone, Hypnos, Hebe, Glauco, Euro, Muses, Hespera, Eos, Eolo, Eros, Dionysus, Circe, Nemesis, Hades, Eris, Erinias and Iris.

These mythological events unfolded on the island of Crete, originally, where agricultural deities and those of TheAean peoples played a very important role, where aspects such as the hellish worlds and veneration of heroes prevailed.

Great writers philosophers and poets, translated all the stories in his masterpieces, such as Virgil, Aeschyus, Apollonius of Rhodes, Sophocles, Euripes, Homer, Hesiod, among other ancient wise masters of Greece.

The main scenarios of Greek mythology are: the Champs Elyseans, The Underworld, Lete, Olympia, Mount Olympus, the Stygian Lagoon, the Tartarus.

Hercules is one of the most outstanding and famous characters of all Greek legends. Son of Zeus and the goddess Alcema, with extraordinary strength, who newborn began his terrible and wonderful exploits, murdering the two evil serpents sent by the goddess Hera, to attack him.

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Top representatives of Greek mythology
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July 7, 2019

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