Everything we know so far about the new PlayStation 5: features, improvements, release date and price

After learning, in the framework of the ‘Consumer Electronic Show’ (CES), the logo of the PlayStation 5 of the hand of the chairman and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, new rumors suggest that in February the company could present the order to the console, and titles that will launch.2020 will be a year marked, safe and secure, the war of consoles between Microsoft and Sony, which both will market your Xbox Series X, and its PS5, respectively. Until now, the date has been shuffled to be able to acquire the new generation of PlayStation is in December of this year, coinciding with the anniversary of the video game console.Sony has confirmed that PS5 will buy at Christmas and, although we do not know the exact day, it is more likely that you can acquire throughout the campaign, including the Black Friday that this year will be the 27th of November, so it is expected that the console is put a little bit prior to the sale.If it follows the footsteps of the PS4, has sold more than 106 million of units worldwide since its launch in 2013 -making it the most widely sold of its generation, with 52% of the market, the PlayStation 5 could revolutionize the world of gaming.One of the facts that more desire we have to know is the price of the console. Sony kept absolute silence about it, but portals such as Hobbyconsolas have done a rough calculation based on the market situation, the price of previous systems and the competence of Xbox Series X by Microsoft and Nintendo Switch.“Of course, an important part of the price is defined by the capacity of the SSD hard disk, but assuming it is a 1tb drive, like the one that already incorporates the model PS4 PRO, and taking into account the price of the components that incorporates, opt for cost around 499 euros”, claim from the web.Some features have already been giving on various interviews. What we know so far about the PlayStation 5 is that it will support graphics 8K, you have 3D Sound and technology ray-tracing, will feature an AMD processor Ryzen third generation with eight cores and a graphic board of the family AMD Navi. You will also have storage SSD high speed to reduce to the maximum load times and compatibility with PS4.We also know some details about the driver of PS5, which are expected to call DualShock 5 and that will change the technology of rumble current technology of feedback haptic and submit “triggers adaptive” that can adjust the resistance there is when pressed.
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Everything we know so far about the new PlayStation 5: features, improvements, release date and price
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January 13, 2020

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