Fallout Pip-Boy, a new attempt to create a useful companion app for a game

Pip Boy

Fallout 4 debut next week and its creators already have everything ready. If yesterday we saw how advertised una gifs and sharing application emojis of the series, today Bethesda has launched an app companion that you heap up the phone when you stand playing. The pretext could not have been better.

Bethesda has taken an element of his game, the Pip Boy , to develop an application that allows us to make certain adjustments to the game without entering an additional menu. From our Android we can configure our character, see the map or change the radio station. Just as we did before the console but now with better integration alleged. Interesting, but the question remains do they provide real value to the gaming experience


The extension to my companion and play

The companion apps nacieron a few years ago as a way to expand the gaming experience . They did not post the game but during it. In the end, most of my leaving was trying to pull a game element to the mobile screen so make integration more realistic.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag was one of the first to do He made to make the map as app and navigate and configure routes from mobile screen. Grand Theft Auto V understood very well as the phone was the interface for accessing many menus and options. The app, yes, not work very well .

Pip 2

have emerged more but most of them have fallen in love and I can not. In an application that we open the first day as a curiosity but do not turn it. When we’re playing, we like to be inside him and not be distracted by other things. If also these my companion do not add much value , it is easy to discard and forget about them

In the case of the Pip Boy context is good. Takes the console wrist the character takes to access it from mobile. The functions are the same as in the last game Fallout: view statistics, improve attributes, consult the map, tune the radio … It’s funny to do so but brings something

carry the same gaming experience to another screen . We can get more into the role of the character. Considering that when we enter the Fallout Pip Boy in the game does not pause, distraction is the same. The challenge is to use it to Bethesda with mobile as an incentive but at first glance, as in other apps of this style, it seems that he lacks.

 Pip 3

When you exit the game next week we will leave doubts and we will check whether this companion app Fallout 4 is actually an incentive. A priori I’ll give it a try but I do not use it every time you play. If you are curious, it is now available in Google Play.

Fallout Pip-Boy

Fallout Pip-Boy Role Play

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Fallout Pip-Boy, a new attempt to create a useful companion app for a game
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November 8, 2015

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