Five prominent fryers air, the alternative for those who are fleeing the oil

Take a time in the kitchens, but at the same time are not yet too well-known and even surprising to discover its features.

we Speak of the fryers of air (air fryers), attractive to those who feel cold sweats or regrets to see the food in a dense sea of oil using a deep fryer, conventional or skillet, as they do not need the major contribution of the liquid element, or at least just a small teaspoon.

And how is it possible to make fried that way? The magic is in what its title indicates, because they work by by hot air and in some way share elements with a convection oven. Its use does not change the fact unchanged that the product that you want to prepare has fat in and of itself, especially if it is a ultraprocesado, although with these models eliminates the extra and, as you look at it, it lowers the bad conscience of consuming it.

If you want to try a deep-fat fryer air, keep in mind that the result, although quite interesting in terms of taste and crunchy texture, it is not always the same as when using the classical pathway of these small appliances. You should also consider that the cooking time is lengthened more than usual as well as certain foods require to stir in the process. And, as always happens when that is fried, for health issues, care must be taken with the preparations too toasted.

And what’s the ‘air fryer’ can I buy it? The market offers multiple options, of which in this article contains a small selection.

Of the variants that offers the mark Inssky, the model 35PA2EU of 4 liters stands out for its quality-price (69,99 € ). The first time it is placed on the countertop it seems bulky, although surprised by its capabilities, its easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. Digital display, includes seven different programs, what they remember, that these devices not only serve to make potatoes and breaded, but also chicken, steaks, or pies.

If you want to bet for a first brand and a model of increased cost, this could well be the Airfryer HD9621/90 Philips (141, 99 euros). Their technology TurboStar brings the food they will fry without the need of giving them back, even when there are several on top of each other. With a capacity of 0.8 kg, it also allows for baking, broiling and toasting.

In the universe Cecotec figure the Turbo Cecofry 4D. Design less polished than other (in appearance), it includes however a practical shovel (removable) to stir food during its operation, allows you to cook on two levels and has eight pre-set programs: sauté, roast, potatoes, fries, oven, manual, pan, rice, and yogurt. On the website of the brand can be purchased for 103,92 € .

Also at a good price (79 € ) displays the Princess Aerofryer XL (182201), with a capacity of 3.2 litres, what for example is the equivalent to prepare five servings of French fries at the same time. Is another model very easy to use, although as in all need practice if you test without regard to its programs. Their parts can be stored in dishwasher no problem.

Tefal available in the market of options of higher cost (Actifry Genius Snacking, Actifry Genius XL 2-in-1), while it has models more affordable as the Fry’s Delight, which can be found for less than 100 eur. With a capacity of 0.8 kg, is characterized by the technology Air press.

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Five prominent fryers air, the alternative for those who are fleeing the oil
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January 28, 2020

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