Google Duo update your look and it removes all traces of “share the screen”


As it came, it went. A few months ago we regocijábamos with the possibility of share the screen of your phone during a call in the Google Duo, but the joy did not last long. Later you disabled the function and now it seems that share your screen in Google Duo is gone for good, forever.

This is the conclusion that is drawn after analyzing the APK of the latest version and check that all traces to share the screen has been removed. If you were expecting to come back… well, sitting. Taking advantage of the change, Google Duo has changed its look slightly to accommodate the new Material Design by Google.

Added: updated design

Duoante new Look Duo (left) and anterior (right)

Google Duo is the latest application of the company to receive the layer of paint that is Google Material Theming, after that make the app Teléfono, Contactos and Google Maps. In this case changes are not too many because the app is very simple and had a design more or less up to date.

The search bar loses roundness, while reducing some spaces between texts, it compresses the action bar and, of course, changes to the new typography of Google, Google Sans. The change is evident, albeit subtle.

Removed: share screen and adjustment of vibration

Duoduo The latest version of Duo (left) and the previous (right)

What Google gives, Google takes it. In addition to eliminating internally any mention of the function of sharing the screen during a call, another that is lost by the way is the setting is Vibrate while sounding.

When someone call you Duo, the mobile will vibrate long as you do not have it in do not disturb mode, and that is the end of the story. Since you have no way of changing it. Probably Google want with this change to simplify the adjustments, or to equate the Duo to the settings for a normal call.

on the other hand, the APK indicates that soon there will be a system of rewards to invite friends to use the application. For the moment it seems to be only for the India, and you reward him with megas free to invite your friends to use Duo.

Via | Android Police
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Google Duo update your look and it removes all traces of “share the screen”
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