Google launches metronome, discover how active


If you want to have a metronome on your Android device and no need to install alguna applications that exist in Google Play for it. Thanks to Google all devices hide a metronome.

If you want to use the Metronome Google to mark time or compass to keep a steady pace while play music just have to do the following trick



Metronome Google

it is as simple as a Google search on the word metronomo (without accent) for the metronome Google is active. This metronome allows us to keep time from 40 PPM (Grave) to 208 ppm (Prestissimo). A acusica and visual signal anger warning us of pulses per minute.

Bubble level


the metronome is not the only hidden Google tool, a few months ago also he hid the bubble level that activates looking for the word level

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Google launches metronome, discover how active
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March 20, 2016

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