Google Spaces thoroughly, so the new application for sharing in groups

Google Spaces

Since yesterday we can enjoy our Android devices a new social application of Google , the new service called Spaces or Spaces in Spanish that offers a powerful tool for share content with small groups .

Anyone who has already used Google Spaces will have noticed that is not a messaging application group nor intended, application posts style social network it is, but that content shared with our group of friends through we will create space to discuss any topic.

Google Spaces comes to help us organize a trip, talking about comics, share recipes, etc. style Google+ communities, but this time focused on a small group of people and especially for groups of friends. All members of a space can share publications, links, images and videos from YouTube and comment on posts.



Google Spaces for Android account with a very elegant interface and is very simple to use for its simplicity. Under a lower menu navigation we have access to all our space , to notifications activity and access to a publication.

Create a space It is very easy and fast. We just have to play in “Create Space”, give it a name, change the color or put a background image and invite your contacts using any email or messaging applications. Google Space share a link to our contacts to join our space.


once created our space and can share posts with members of the group like a social network.



to start writing a publication just we have to click on the Send icon. Table sharing is integrated with Google Search, Chrome, photos and YouTube so you do not have to exit the application. We can share a link, a YouTube video, image or text only in our publication.


by sharing our publication will appear in the space under the design of a card showing the first comment and the last few comments and reporting has over the publication . Clicking on the publication see all comments.

Members can delete publications , and if they do, the publication will disappear for all members.




Any member of the space can comment on the publication as if it were a chat. You can share a link, an image or a sticker. You can not delete the comments.



Google Space has a powerful search engine that allows us to quickly find everything that has been shared in our spaces. We can search using keywords or filter by links, images or videos



Each time a member or comments published a notice to warn us come. We can see all notificacioens through the activity history of Google Spaces

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Google Spaces allows us to change the name of the space, change its color, cover image , mute notifications, expel members, delete your invitation link to not accept more members and remove the space. By eliminating a space will disappear for all members.

Spaces: Share Group

Spaces: shares in group version 1.0

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  • Android version: 4.1
  • Developer: Google
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

More information | Google Spaces
Engadget Android | Google Spaces launches its new application for sharing groups

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Google Spaces thoroughly, so the new application for sharing in groups

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May 17, 2016

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