Hot Offers in series for last-minute gifts of the Magi


In brief discover to what extent will we be generous with Kings , but surely even they have left to the last minute to buy some gifts. To facilitate the task to them and to those who want to give away something for their loved ones or themselves, we have conducted a review of the best television series aquí you can see the made by our fellow Film Blog movies-centered out of trouble, and also boasts the ideal excuse that the store’s fault they have not arrived in time …


  • It is impossible not remember fondly animated Pink Panther version, and now have the chance to relive those memories paying just 16,26 euros for the complete collection in dvd . Surely the least of the house as also having great time watching it.

  • A good dose of British humor never hurts option and now I bring you is to get ‘ The Viper Black íntegra dvd reduced price of 15.73 euros . If I had not done with her in his -eye moment, which is a very careful editing, there are no more episodes., I would already be buying it.

  • You can be like a king giving away the pack of ‘ The Wire completa DVD for only 59.01 euros , and if they complain, do not hesitate to resort to the countless fans of TV shows do not hesitate to qualify as one of the best or even the best of all time .

  • The time between seams ‘ seems a good option if you do not know what you will give to your mother. You can get off the hook por 22.72 euros for its blu-ray version or desembolsando 24.47 euros if you want dvd.

 Dragon Ball

  • Son Goku and company will always have a special place in the hearts of many seriéfilos, and the idea of ​​making new fans among the smallest of the house you sure sounds pretty good. Por 23.55 euros make you able to cada one of the seven boxes in which it is divided ‘ Dragon Ball ‘, increasing the price hasta the 29.54 euros for each of the packs ‘ Dragon Ball Z ‘. By the way, if you are very flush with money and want luciros with your gift in the web of Selecta Vision you can get your hands on all packs of ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Dragon Ball GT’ yes, there was as much as ye forget about her por 400 euros, which is a significant reduction of 36% on the original price.

  • I must confess that never connected with the humor too ‘ Coconut Museum ‘, but lovers of the same are in luck, because acquire su first season on dvd will say goodbye to just 6.99 euros

  • A recommendation for lovers of Spanish series. Solving the mystery of ‘ The Internship ‘will make you pay 64,27 euros for the complete edition of the fiction broadcast by Antena 3 .

  • sure your grandparents just delighted if you give them the first season of ‘ Carlos, King Emperor ‘. For 33,97 you can obsequiársela in blu-ray while en dvd will only cost 30.93 euros . Another alternative that I offer is the complete series of ‘ Elizabeth ‘, which os It will cost 52.91 euros dvd, a figure that rises to 55,96 euros if you want to do with it in blu-ray .



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Hot Offers in series for last-minute gifts of the Magi
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