How a Virtual Phone System Can Improve Communications?

Communication is the key ingredient of every business’s success. With respect to a business, both internal and external communication is immensely important and supportive of the operations.

When it comes to external communication, how a business communicates with the third parties, the customer and even prospective clients derives its reputation. On the other hand, internal communication is necessary for ensuring that the procedures are streamlined.

Any lack in external or internal communication can bring about a gap in either the operations, functions and can go as far as the reputation of the business. Who could’ve thought that there could be a phone system that could efficiently curb this gap?

Virtual Phone Systems – The Perfect Communication Solution

Virtual phone systems are internet based phone systems. As compared to the traditional phones, they can cater to a whole lot of things than just talking on the phone. Businesses opt for 0121 area code with WeNumber to curb a lot of issues that traditional systems pose.

Virtual phone systems don’t adhere to traditional cable boundaries; they are internet based and offer flexibility to the user. In addition to that, they also provide impetus for a better and improved business communication. 

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How a Virtual Phone System Can Improve Communications?

How Can Virtual Phone Systems Improve Communication?

Virtual phone systems enable the business in using a very dynamic mode of interaction. Be it communicating with the customers or stakeholders, or the very colleagues inside the business, only better functions will prevail.

As the core purpose of a phone system is to enable calling, virtual phone systems do that perfectly. In addition to rendering basic calling service, virtual phone systems also offer a lot of additional functionalities that assist in improving communication.

A lot of factors impact the communication and virtual phone systems cover much more than just verbal communication. Below are some reasons how virtual phone systems improve communication:

Enhanced Customer Support

Customer support service is an essential service with respect to a business. The fact that customers have the ability to reach out to the business and have their issues sorted enables them to invest in a product or service.

Having an ardent and efficient customer service process takes more than just having someone answer the customer calls. Virtual phone systems enable the customer support team to ensure improved services are rendered to the customer.

Even with the most basic virtual phone system, the functionalities like automated greetings, information of the wait time estimation, and musical tone for call holding can even pacify an angry customer.

Further, with virtual phone systems, the client information can be accessed remotely. All data and information is on a cloud based server and accessible to everyone. Any complaint and escalations towards the complaints can be seen by all the customer service associates.

This helps in sharing of information and ready access of information. It also ensures that the customer does not need to worry about narrating the whole query again and again. The user information is inserted on the system and updated from time to time.

Enables Remote Communication

Virtual phone systems allow remote calling, chatting and working. It is so essential in today’s uncertain times that there is an efficient provision for remote working. This also curbs extreme dependency on office infrastructural facilities.

This is also beneficial in case of a crisis where going to or working from office and workplace is compromised. When even in times like this the customer service is operational, it builds immense trust in the customers.

Further, the problem with remote working is the evident lack in physical interface. This is essentially taken care of by virtual phone systems. The colleagues can talk and communicate with each other through multiple modes and methods.

The communicative features like chat boxes, video conferencing and conference calls fill in for the barrier of communication gap. The team is better connected and in touch. Most organizational functions depend upon each other and virtual phone systems are a good solution to that.

Call Forwarding

The virtual phone systems have a call forwarding option wherein the calls can be forwarded to the rightful executive. If there are any complaint escalations to be made or the call needs to be transferred to another relevant person, it is possible to do so with virtual phone systems.

Call forwarding and conference calls with the customers of two relevant departments is also possible. Therefore, even if the customer’s query leads him/her to a different department or direction, the customer’s call can be transferred there.

Apt Call Allocation

Virtual phone systems not only automatically greet the customer on calling, but also pose a bunch of useful questions to the callers. The customers have to decide on which is the language they prefer, what is their query type, what is their account number or registration ID.

All these prior sought information saves a lot of time and patience of the customers. They do not need to explain to every executive again and again. This leaves the procedure very well streamlined.


The result of good communication is good feedback. Virtual phone systems leave an essential room for feedback. Customers feel at ease in seeking responses because they will need to render feedback for the support given by the executive.

Therefore, having a feedback system in place makes customer service very effective. This is a customer right that is very well exercised in virtual phone systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Virtual phone systems also allow in monitoring and evaluation of campaigns. It helps in getting a very accurate picture, numbers and impact of the communication procedure. All this accurate depiction enables in strategic decision making with respect to communication.


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Enhanced external and internal communication provide a lot of operational leverage to the business. Virtual phone systems bring the much needed dynamism to the modes of communication. The work is done in a faster, swifter and accurate way.

As they also enable usage of automated responses, a lot of queries get sorted by the systems itself. Thereby, saving a lot of customer experience team’s energy and time on futile queries.

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